Average UK home contains £34,000 of ‘wasted space’ – here are the least used

The average British home contains £34,000 worth of ‘wasted space’, according to a study.

Researchers polled 2,000 homeowners and found 15 per cent of the typical British dwelling is completely unused.

And based on the average house price of £226,906 this equates to thousands of pounds in and outside the home.

Amid this, the most unused areas of the home include the attic, spare rooms and the garden shed.

The research was commissioned by TalkTalk, who’ve launched a Wi-Fi Hub which improves internet connectivity around the home.

It identified lack of web connectivity as one of the key reasons for unutilised space.

Home design expert, Linda Barker, who has teamed-up with TalkTalk, said: "We literally can’t afford to waste space – we’re moving house less than ever before and it’s becomingly increasingly important to make the most of what we have."

The research also found 63 per cent of those polled would be more likely to utilise unused space in their homes if they had stronger Wi-Fi signal.

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And a whopping 96 per cent said internet connectivity in the home is important to them.

On this note, one quarter would be willing to pay around £12,000 more for a house with no Wi-Fi blackspots.

If choosing a new home, those polled also said Wi-Fi connectivity would be more important than proximity to restaurants and pubs, quality of nearby schools and having parks close-by.

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