‘Bad Barbie’ beat sugar daddy to death with bat as he was about to stop payments

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    A model who called herself "Bad Barbie" battered her sugar daddy to death after he told her the money would stop.

    Kelsey Turner, 29, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of 71-year-old Thomas Burchard whose body she dumped body in the boot of her car that he paid for in March 2019.

    An investigation into Burchard's death was launched after police called to smashed car window, smelled a horrific rotting odour which led them to the victim's corpse in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

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    Turner was a self-proclaimed Playboy model following a single appearance in the Italian version of the magazine, and became accustom to having her salary bumped up by Burchard.

    The pair met in Salinas, California, in 2017, when mum Turner was living with her own mother and although she insisted her relationship with Burchard wasn't sexual, he paid an estimated £251,000 for her lifestyle.

    Burchard was in fact sending cash to multiple women, paying their rent and bills.

    Despite having a long-term girlfriend, Thomas started to support Turner by paying an estimated $3,500 (£3,000) a month in rent for her.

    When Turner moved to Las Vegas with her child, Thomas continued to pay her rent, help out with the bills and even aided her in buying a car.

    She was living with boyfriend Jon Logan Kennison and housemate Diana Nicola Pena, a bartender on the Vegas strip, who were also benefitting from the arrangement.

    In spring 2019, Thomas told his girlfriend of 17 years, Judy Earp, he was going to Vegas to check on things because Turner was a “compulsive liar”. After two years of forking out cash, he was ready to cut her off.

    Thomas took a flight on March 1, but did not return on March 4 as planned. Judy reported him missing and told the police he was “overly compassionate” and had been giving money to half a dozen women during their relationship.

    She told them she believed Turner would know what had happened to him.

    Then, on March 7, a member of the public spotted a Mercedes-Benz abandoned on State Route 147 near Lake Mead, outside Las Vegas. It had a smashed window where someone had thrown a rock through it. The passerby reported the vehicle to the police.

    When officers arrived, they could smell something foul. They looked inside the boot and found the decomposing body of a man that had been buried under blankets and towels. It was Thomas.

    The 71-year-old had been bludgeoned around the head with a blunt instrument – likely a baseball bat. Despite clear attempts to clean up, his blood was found inside the car.

    The police traced the vehicle to Turner. But the officers who went to her home discovered that she was gone, along with her boyfriend and roommate.

    There was a broken door, blood and cleaning products in the property, plus towels that matched those found with Thomas.

    Investigators determined that Thomas had arrived in Las Vegas and had likely told Turner that their arrangement was going to end.

    In 2019, Pena, now 34, pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder and in July last year, Kennison, 29, got 18 to 45 years after admitting second-degree murder.

    Last month Turner who received an estimated total of $300,000 (£251,000) from Thomas, was sentenced to 25 years in prison with the chance of parole after 10.


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