BBC Weather: Britain braces for 30C scorcher as UK temperatures rise for weekend heatwave

BBC Weather: Heatwave temperatures forecast across UK

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor warned of 30C temperatures by the end of the weekend. He said that today will mark the first day of the hot weather across the country. For some areas across the UK, there will be patches of cloud but as we head closer to the weekend the skies will clear up.

Mr Taylor said: “There will be a lot of sunshine for the vast majority of us.

“There will be a few exceptions and overall it is going to be turning warmer, if not hotter across many spots.

“That heat starts today, we have got high pressure trying to move its way in, it is not quite with us yet.

“That means it is toppling around these weather fronts and brought quite a lot of cloud to the far north of Scotland.

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“Elsewhere it is a sunny start to the Thursday, we have got that breeze down the eastern counties of England, that will bring more cloud in later.

“There will be a bit more cloud developing elsewhere across England and Wales through this afternoon.”

The BBC Weather forecaster announced that today will see the majority of areas around the UK will see temperatures in the 20s.

These temperatures will only continue as we head towards the weekend.

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He continued: “Temperatures continue to rise on Friday with 27 degrees in Scotland.

“Into the weekend that high pressure is fairly over us, just scooting around the top though.

“More in the way of blue skies and it is strong sunshine and high pollen levels at that.

We will still be into the mid-20s in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“High 20s in southern parts of England and Wales too.

“With that high pressure firmly in place, we go into Sunday.

“There will be just a chance of wet cloud spreading into the north of Scotland but for most another sunny one.”

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