Bloke zapped with huge jolt of electricity while ‘testing’ anti-bark dog collar

A pet owner from Newport in Wales zapped himself with thousands of volts of electricity after trying on his dog's new anti-barking shock collar – set to maximum strength.

Steve Yendle, 59, had bought the new collar for one of his four dogs, Tilley, and decided to try it out himself first.

But little did he know that his friend, Paul Travis, had secretly turned the settings of the collar up to maximum power, leaving Steve unaware that he was about to get the most powerful shock possible.

In a hilarious video filmed by Steve's wife Sandra, 57, he can be seen holding the collar tight to his neck as Paul leans towards him and barks.

The collar can be heard emitting a high-pitched warning sound before Steve receives the almighty shock, which leaves him collapsing to the floor and groaning.

Paul and Sandra can be heard in fits of laughter in the background as Steve swears and desperately tries to take the collar off in his living room.

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Security guard Steve said: "It was awful, I felt it right down in my toes!

"I just wanted to feel how the shock was but Paul had turned it all the way up and I never thought it would tingle all the way down to my feet!"

The shock collar was originally supposed to be for their Patterdale terrier Tilley – but the couple decided against it after Steve's painful experiment.

Cleaner Sandra, 57, added: "Steve is one of the biggest jokes around, he'll try anything!
"He loves his animals and wanted to try out the new bark collar but had no idea Paul had set it to the highest shock.

"It sure shocked him!"

The clip was filmed on June 10.

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