Bouncer who killed Brit heiress loses appeal against 18-year sentence

EXCLUSIVE: Bouncer who murdered British heiress girlfriend in Switzerland loses appeal against 18-year jail sentence after claiming it was a ‘sex game gone wrong’

  • Heiress Anna Reed, 22, was found dead in her luxury hotel room in Switzerland
  • Her lover, Marc Schatzle tried telling cops she died after ‘rough sex’ that went awry

An evil bouncer who murdered a British heiress and was jailed for 18 years and six months has had his appeal that it was a ‘sex game gone wrong’ definitively rejected by a Swiss court.

Anna Reed, 22, was found dead in her luxury hotel room after lover Marc Schatzle, 33, begged staff to call paramedics because she had ‘turned blue’ but it was all part of his attempt to cover his tracks.

During his trial in the Swiss city of Lugano in 2021, the court heard he used Anna’s credit card to go on a lavish spending spree after admitting he ‘liked the finer things in life’.

Then the jury was told he had met Anna in Thailand in February 2019 and she had lavished ‘£50,000 on him’ paying for hotels, restaurants, and clothes during their time together.

She was in the Far East after her father Clive had given her around the world ticket as a 21st birthday present and she had also inherited £250,000 from her mother who died in a 2016 domestic accident.

German Marc Schatzle, 30, who has tattoos across his body, including one over his left eyebrow which says ‘Warrior’, was ordered to stand trial charged with murdering 22-year-old Anna Reed in April 2019, and on counts of fraud and theft

 Prosecutor Petra Canonica Alexakis previously slammed Schatzle, pictured, saying he had been lying for three years and his claims of a sex game tragically gone wrong were unfounded

Schatzle (left with Anna before she died) and his defence team claimed she died in a sex game that went wrong and asked for the conviction to be changed to manslaughter – which would have meant a lower jail term

Burly Schatzle callously claimed Anna died when he wrapped a towel around her throat during consensual sex in the bathroom of their five-star hotel La Palme au Lac in picturesque Locarno in April 2019.

At his first trial he was initially given 18 years by judge Mauro Ermani who slammed him as a ‘liar’ adding Schatzle was a ‘dangerous man.’

An appeal last October saw him given an extra six months and a second and final request by his legal team has now also been rejected, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

In the 7,000-word judgement obtained by MailOnline, the Federal Court in Locarno kicked out his claims describing them as ‘merely his own interpretation of the events, with no contesting of the original trial conclusions.’

It added how his version of what had unfolded the night Anna died was an ‘inadmissible theory with no evidence at all to back it up’ and was ‘as such being rejected.’

One telling paragraph in the document said: ‘The force used by the accused on the throat of the victim was clearly superior to that uses in the sphere of erotic asphyxiation.’

Marc Schatzle (shown left with Anna Reed), who murdered British heiress Reed (shown left and right) and was jailed for 18 years tried to appeal his conviction insisting she died in sex game that went tragically wrong

At his appeal hearing last October Schatzle described to the court how the couple had returned to their hotel at 2am after spending the night drinking in various bars.

He said he ‘tried to hide her credit card’ in a roof space of the elevator light as a ‘joke’ but it had ‘slipped behind a panel and he couldn’t retrieve it.’

Heavily tattooed Schatzle, told the hearing he and Anna, from Harrogate, north Yorkshire, practiced rough sex.

He told the court: ’Anna liked erotic asphyxiation. She asked me to do it. I used a towel and my hands, I thought everything was ok and then I saw her with her tongue out.

‘Her face was funny and there was a blue mark on her neck. I tried to wake her up. I gave her CPR and then I went downstairs to get help.’

The court ruled that once his sentence is served Marc will be deported and unable to enter Switzerland for 14 years instead of the original 12 meaning he will be unable to visit his child

The jury was told Marc met Anna, pictured before her death, in Thailand in February 2019 and she had lavished £50,000 on him paying for hotels, restaurants, and clothes during their time together

Schatzle callously claimed Anna died when he wrapped a towel around her throat during consensual sex in the bathroom of their five-star hotel La Palme au Lac (pictured)

But prosecutor Petra Canonica Alexakis slammed father-of-one Schatzle saying he had been ‘lying for three years and his claims of an ‘accident and sex game tragically gone wrong’ were unfounded.

‘He is a killer and the first trial confirmed this. The first trial didn’t believe it was an erotic game and an accident,’ she said.

‘There is nothing to confirm his version of events and he has refused to cooperate with investigators from the beginning.

‘If things had gone as he claims, then one would have excepted his attitude to be different but there is nothing to suggest he and Anna Reed practiced erotic asphyxiation or sadomasochism.’

Ms. Canonica Alexakis highlighted how the telephone cable in their room had been found ripped from the wall by investigators and Schatzle had insisted it was already broken.

But she added: ‘We know that’s not true because he ordered room service from reception, and this was confirmed by the hotel staff.

‘Instead, he ripped the cable, maybe Anna was trying to make a call or maybe he did it to stop her calling for help.’

She also highlighted how there were no wounds on Schatzle inflicted by Anna, as she was just 55kg compared to his 105kg and slightly built and that her fingernails were short.

Ms Canonica Alexakis added: ‘Anna hated liars and she hated being lied to and the night she died she had learnt what sort of man Schatzle was.

‘She had been warned about him by a previous boyfriend after he had been tipped by an ex-girlfriend of Schatzle, who said he had manipulated and used her, lying continuously.

‘The night Anna died there was no sex game and there was no attempt at a joke by hiding her credit card in a lift.

‘She died because of an intentional gesture and the medical report revealed wound to her gums consistent with a hand being placed over her mouth.’

Anna was described in court as ‘beautiful and wealthy’ with Ms Canonica Alexakis saying Schatzle had ‘only seven Francs in his account and 20 Francs in his wallet’ the fateful night.

She went on: ’But he knew that a Visa card Anna had was preloaded with 25,000 Swiss Francs which may not seem much but to a man who has nothing it was enough to use to flee the country.

‘That’s why after killing Anna he set about falsifying the scene. He hid her credit card in the lift to retrieve later because we know guests along the corridor heard heavy footsteps that morning.

‘He put her body in a bath of warm water to delay the time of death, but the paramedics were suspicious when they arrived because of the colour and texture of her skin.

‘Schatzle waited to raise the alarm, maybe as much as two hours because he wanted to take the time to save his own skin.

‘He simulated an accident in the bathroom before raising the alarm but let’s remember how he raised the alarm he took the elevator to the reception.

‘Would you not rush down the stairs if you were in that situation instead of eating for the lift ? And it was noticed he had taken the time to tie his shoes and get dressed.’

Ms Canonica Alexakis added: ‘Anna was certainly disinhibited when it came to sex but she was not into rough sex or erotic asphyxiation her friends and ex-boyfriend have confirmed it.

‘Schatzle was not into sadomasochism or rough sex two of his ex-partners have confirmed this it’s only he who says they were but we all know he is a liar.’

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