‘Britain’s roughest estate’ where balaclava-clad yobs rip live pigeons apart

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Tormented residents in one of "Britain's roughest estates" have demanded action as kids as young as 10 terrorise the area.

Balaclava-clad yobs in Blakenall, West Midlands, have been physically and racially attacking those who live and work in the area, performed arson attacks, and have even been known to rip live pigeons apart.

The youths have been spotted on multiple occasions wielding knives in the streets of the area.

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The estate has deteriorated over the past two years and has been compared to "war-torn Ukraine", and locals are even too scared to leave their homes during daylight hours.

Some residents even fear it's only a matter of time before lives are lost.

But fed-up business owners and residents have had enough and are now demanding something be done after a string of incidents including fly-tipping, thefts and assault left them in despair.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "It had got to the point where we are scared to leave our homes even in the daytime.

"The place has just rapidly declined into almost a state of lawlessness since the pandemic.

"Before then we did have issues but not to the scale we are seeing now. It's like a war-zone out there at times.

"The kids are running riot and they find it funny when police arrive. People are saying it's the roughest estate in Britain and I'm not sure I could argue with that.

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"But these kids will wear that like a badge of honour. It's only a matter of time before somebody gets killed around here. There are fights on a daily basis.

"The list is just endless – you name a crime and I've probably seen it happening here. It has gone off the rails."

Just some of the horror attacks include a home being set on fire, leaving the mum and children who lived there too scared to return, and a delivery driver who was hospitalised after a bottle was thrown at him.

Some streets around the area have been left full of fly-tipped waste to the point that they're barely usable, and a councillor for the area even described told how a live pigeon was torn to pieces in front of staff and customers outside a local shop.

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A mum-of-seven, who also did not wish to be named, even said there was an unspoken rule that residents don't go out after 3pm.

"It's the younger kids causing the most problems," she said.

"They get a buzz from it when the police arrive – but the police end up running away because they get pelted with bricks."

She added: "It's just diabolical – but that's Blakenall for you. It's become a no-go zone for police and that is what is most worrying. You just don't go out after 3pm."

West Midlands Police now say there is a plan of action to attempt to solve Blakenall's antisocial behaviour problem.

The police plan to step up patrols in the area and use dispersal orders in a bit to quash the violence after two years of suffering in the area.

Inspector Phil Upton, from the Walsall Neighbourhood Team, said: “We are aware of growing concern around instances of appalling behaviour by a small minority of young people in the Blakenall area.

“We understand how upsetting and worrying this can be and we have been carrying out extra patrols in the area to discourage further incidents and help with our on-going enquiries.

“Officers have also been liaising closely with our partners in the area, including Walsall Council, local housing providers and youth services as we work to confirm the identity of those involved."

Upton added: “Our work to tackle this issue is continuing and evolving, with further increased patrols planned along with targeted action to curb this totally unacceptable behaviour.”

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