Britt Reid crash – Patrick Mahomes ‘praying’ for girl, 5, in coma after 'drunk' Kansas City Chiefs coach hit car

KANSAS City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said he was praying for the little girl injured in a car crash after the teams coach Britt Reid ploughed into her family's car.

He told of his concern for five-year-old Ariel after the "tragic situation" which left her critically injured and in a coma.

The son of the Chiefs head coach, Britt Reid, smashed into two stationary cars on February 4, after having "two or three drinks" and prescription amphetamines.

The pile-up near the NFL side's stadium has left Ariel in a "very critical condition" and also injured a four-year-old child.

Speaking after the Chiefs 31-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mahomes said, "I don't want to say it affected us on the field. They beat us. There's no excuse for that. But you're praying for that family."

He touched on the atmosphere of the game at Raymond James Stadium – the first time since college that Mahomes hasn't scored a touchdown in a game.

"It didn't take the air out of it (the game), guys were still ready to go. But it is a very tragic situation.

"And you know you want to keep that in the back of your mind, and you give prayers to the families that were involved, especially the child that was involved."

He admitted he hadn't played like he wanted to play – but praised his team for "battling until the very end".

He said, "We played not very good football today. But we battled, and you have to respect the guys for their toughness doing that."

Head coach Andy Reid also addressed the media after his Super Bowl defeat, in his first public comment on the incident involving his son.

He said, "My heart goes out to all those that were involved in the accident, in particular the family with the little girl who is fighting for her life.

"From a human standpoint, my heart bleeds for everybody involved."

He dismissed suggestions it resulted in his side's loss, explaining, "the game plan was put in a week ago."

"From a human standpoint, yeah, it’s a tough one. From a football standpoint … two separate things.

"From a football standpoint, I don’t think that was the problem," he said.

Police said his 35-year-old son smelt of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes after he crashed his pick-up truck.

Reid confirmed his son, the assistant linebackers coach, has had surgery for his injuries sustained in the accident.

"Britt did have surgery; he’s doing better now. That little girl, my heart goes out to her," he said.

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