Brussels’ coronavirus response savaged as ‘lack of leadership’ dubbed key issue

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The University of Buckingham Professor claimed the European Union had shown a lack of leadership during the coronavirus crisis. During an interview with, Professor Sikora argued the EU allowed countries to approach the handling of the virus individually rather than as a bloc, noting this could have played a role in how it spread through countries and why different nations have been impacted by coronavirus differently.

Professor Sikora said: “I think there has been a lack of leadership from Europe.

“I also think there has been a lack of leadership from the World Health Organisation.

“The EU allowed countries to make up their own minds so everybody did it differently.”

Professor Sikora then outlined the different coronavirus response methods across Europe.

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He said: “If you look at the responses, Sweden did nothing and they deliberately did nothing, they went for herd immunity.”

“Britain did a very British lockdown, it was never really that strict.

“You were supposed to stay home and protect the NHS, it was a sort of persuasive brainwashing rather than a rigidly enforced lockdown.”

“France, Germany and Italy had a much more rigid lockdown, things like police roadblocks and turning people away.”

Professor Sikora added the UK had some form of roadblocks across the country but did not use them as seriously as some European nations.

He also concluded how the UK should process its coronavirus data and make comparisons to other nations.

He said: “We had a few roadblocks in Britain but it was only half-hearted and you could get around it easily.

“I think when we move forward what we need to look at is the date at which lockdown was imposed and the date at which it was released.

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“We must then compare the figures but unfortunately we can’t do that until it is all over.

“That will probably be in September time when we can start looking at the infection rate and the death rate.”

A recent poll also found that the European Union’s response to coronavirus was irrelevant as citizens felt their countries did not receive enough help.

The European Council on Foreign Relations think-tank found that 63 percent in Italy and 61 percent in France think the EU did not rise to the challenge.

The poll was made against nine EU member states, representing a total of two-thirds of European citizens.

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