Buckingham Palace launches gold-gilded Prince Louis mug

Buckingham Palace launches gold-gilded Prince Louis mug hours after Prince William and Kate Middleton reveal the name of the new royal baby

  • The £25 item was added to the commemorative collection celebrating birth 
  • Gilded with 22-carat gold, it bears the name of the fifth in line to the throne  
  • It joins a tankard, plate, pill box and a £125 teddy bear on the royal shop website 

Buckingham Palace has wasted little time rushing out a commemorative mug just hours after Prince Louis was named.

Following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s announcement, the item bearing the boy’s name was added to the Official Royal Baby Commemorative Range which launched when he was one day old.

On its reverse, the £25 drinking vessel shows a lion cub sporting a crown, sitting alongside a unicorn as the pair snuggle underneath another crown for good measure.

Within hours of the baby’s name being announced to the nation, Buckingham Palace made this mug available to buy on its website

The design features a lion cub and a unicorn huddled under a crowns and is gilded with 22-carat gold 

It is the glaring design that also appears on a £49 plate, £39 tankard and a £35 pill box.

Each of the items is gilded with 22-carat gold and all were made in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 

But the most expensive item is a teddy bear which will set buyers back a whopping £125. Its charming blue bow is offset by a gold branding of 2018 on the toy’s foot.

This bear is the most expensive of item, priced at £125 and made by Britain’s only teddy maker, there are just 200 available 

The commemorative mug was added to the collection which includes this plate along with a pilbox and tankard

Handmade in Shropshire by veteran teddy crafters Merrythought, its fur is made of ‘pure mohair plush made from the fleece of the Angora goat’ according to the Royal Collection Shop website.  

The only British bear makers operating today, the manufacturers have made just 200 of the limited edition toy.

This pram decoration, along with one in the shape of a lion and another in the shape of a unicorn are also available

This pillbox was made available to royalists just one day after Louis was born while the nation awaited his name being announced 

Royalists can also celebrate the birth of the fifth in line to the throne with decorations in the shape of a pram, lion or unicorn dotted about their home. 

Following his birth on Monday, William and Kate’s third child was named after Lord Mountbatten, who the IRA killed by placing a bomb under his fishing boat in 1979. 

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