Cat owner ‘can never leave home again’ after re-watching her pet camera

Footage caught on her home camera showed her cat patrolling the hallway, apparently trying to find her.

With a lead in his mouth the cat, known as Isola, looks desperate not to be left alone. After dropping the lead, Isola starts meowing.

Posting the footage on Reddit, Ms Myrin’s video was upvoted around 120,000 in a month.

The video pulled at the heartstrings of Reddit users who said they believed the cat’s meowing was a form of “crying”.

One viewer wrote: “Oh that mournful sound” while another person said: “This made me cry a little”. A third person said: “This is devastating to watch.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ida said: “We thought it was pretty cute at first but when we noticed that he didn’t stop it just felt sad,” she said.

“He talks a lot with that ‘whiny’ and sad voice and tone so it’s hard to tell [if he’s crying]. But he also hates being alone though, so maybe he is crying.”

She said that Isola “seemed so lonely and restless” and that “It felt like we could never leave him home alone again”.

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