Cat walks out from machine where man had won a plush animal

It’s alive! Hilarious moment cat walks out from claw machine where man had won a plush animal

  • Brazilian businessman Rider Soares was attempting to pick a plush elephant from a machine when a cat crawled out of it
  • Soares and his wife stopped at a rest stop to rest and eat when he noticed there was a claw machine and decided to try his luck 
  • Soares won the elephant plush and while he waited for the toy to drop, the gas station’s cat surprised the couple before he picked him and hugged him

A real cat was certainly not what a man hoped to win when he tried his luck at grabbing a plush animal from a claw machine at a gas station in the west-central Brazil state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Rider Soares, 30, and his wife were driving to visit family in the city of Bonito when they pulled over at a rest stop in the municipality of Niaoque.

After eating and relaxing, the Brazilian businessman set his eyes on the machine and on his first try was able to hook an elephant.

As his wife cheered him on and recorded the eventful scene while he waited on his new prize to fall into the pickup slot, a cat slowly crawled out of the machine to their amusement.

Rider Soares poses with the cat that crawled out from a machine game at a rest stop in Brazil recently. Soares had just won a plush elephant and was waiting to grab it from the pickup slot when the feline walked out

The gas station’s cat calmly walked out of the machine just moments after Soares had won a plush elephant

The feline was the last thing the couple expected.

‘We had a big laugh because it was so surreal,’ Soares told The Dodo.

A big fan of animals, Soares can be seen reaching down for the furry cat and picking him up.

‘He was so cute!’ he said.

Rider Soares said he and his wife had stopped to eat and rest at a roadside gas station when he noticed there was a machine with plush animals. He placed a few coins inside before he won plush elephant and was surprised to see a real cat crawling out from the machine

Soares said he wanted to adopt the cat, but was saddened he could not do so because it was the gas station owner’s pet

Aside from leaving the gas station with his prize, Soares’ wish of walking out with the cat was dashed when he learned that the animal was making his home at the rest stop for a while.

His newfound friend ‘was the best thing’ he said he had ever picked up from the claw machine.

‘Who could imagine getting a real plush animal in such a machine?’ he said.

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