‘Clown show’ judge suspended but keeps hefty salary for now

A Queens judge who called the state ethics panel reviewing his tyrant-like behavior a “f–king clown show” has been suspended — although he will still keep collecting his $193,000-a-year paycheck, at least for now.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct, in a decision dated March 30, 2018, “determined that Judge [Terrence] O’Connor should be removed for habitually mistreating attorneys, abusing his judicial power, failing to follow the law and repeatedly failing to cooperate with the Commission’s inquiry into his behavior,” a Court of Appeals panel noted Friday.

The panel then ruled to suspend O’Connor with pay as his appeal before it continues.

O’Connor had requested a review of the ethics’ commission’s decision, and briefs must still be filed with the Court of Appeals. Oral arguments will likely be heard before the appeals court in the fall.

“The Court may accept the determined sanction, impose a different sanction including admonition or censure, or impose no sanction,” the judges ruled.

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