Couples in relationships DON'T have to stay apart as Gov ends 'sex ban'

COUPLES who are in "established" relationships but don't live together are allowed to meet up and have sex in England, new Government guidelines have confirmed.

In new rules quietly slipped out under the radar, it confirms that people can don't need to distance from people they've been seeing – but casual bonking is still banned to stop the virus from spreading.

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Romping with strangers in England is still banned under coronavirus lockdown laws – and people have to socially distance when they're in or outside of each other's homes.

However, the rules do not say what counts as an "established" relationship.

The new guidance also says people don't need to socially distance from people in your legally-permitted support bubble either.

It comes after people across the nation were banned from hooking up with each other after ministers banned households from mixing again in local lockdown areas in the North East, North West, part of the Midlands and parts of Wales.

In the guidance slapped on Manchester, couples who don’t live together were banned from having sex in the comfort of their own homes, but are welcome to bonk the night away in a hotel in an odd loophole.

And there are fresh fears that the extension of the rules – which prohibit people from going into another person's home or garden – will be extended to the rest of the UK before long.

It would prevent people from seeing their friends and family – but childcare and other exemptions would be allowed.

Yesterday Northern Ireland announced that household mixing would be banned everywhere to stop the spread.

Currently people can't meet up in groups of more than six across the UK as part of the latest plans to stop the spread of the virus.

But children don't count in the Welsh and Scottish rules.

Later today Boris Johnson will reveal new coronavirus rules he hopes will stop the further spread of the virus, and will try and avoid a national lockdown again.

He is expected to announce:

  • A 10pm curfew for all pubs across England – and they will be made to offer table service by law.
  • There will be a significant cap on the number of guests allowed at weddings.
  • But businesses and schools will be able to stay open as No10 attempts to stave off a second lockdown.
  • A dramatic increase in enforcement measures to make sure people are obeying the Rule of Six.
  • More fines could be slapped on those flouting the rules with on-the-spot closures for venues that fail to follow the rules.

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