From being covered head-to-toe in vegetables to getting taped to the wall these photos prove you should never fall asleep on a stag do

However these photos show that falling asleep on one may just be the most catastrophic error a groom-to-be could make.

From being covered in tape on the sofa to having your body surrounded in beer bottles, chaps really can make life difficult for hungover comrades.

One lad must have felt somewhat confused upon waking with a sore head only to discover his body had been covered in an array of vegetables.

While we don't know that these guys were necessarily on a stag do, it's perhaps a warning that falling asleep at any gathering comes with dangers.

So the lesson here is that if you find yourself nodding off around mischievous pals… gets yourself a coffee.

Beer o'clock

A new makeover

… and another

… and another

Feeling fruity

Five a day?

Feeling fabulous

Crash bang wallop


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