Dark chocolate can prevent deadly ailments and help boost the brain

Key ingredient cacao has flavanol chemicals that curb inflammation.

Bars containing 70 per cent cacao boost the brain and cardiovascular system by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, according to new research.

This plays a role in helping to prevent the likes of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and depression.

They also boost blood flow, aiding brain power, memory, stress and mood.

Prof Lee Berk, of California’s Loma Linda University, gave people 48g bars of  70 per cent cacao-rich dark chocolate.

He hailed it as a “superfood” and added: “These studies show the higher the concentration of cacao, the more positive the impact.”

Professor Berk said the studies require further investigation – specifically to determine the significance of effects for immune cells and the brain in larger populations.

Last year a study by Italian scientists also found dark chocolate boosted blood flow to key parts of the brain – improving memory and attention span.

They too identified cocoa flavanoids as being behind the phenomenon.


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