David Cameron went to hardcore raves during the late 1980s

Dave the rave: Prime Minister David Cameron was secret club king who would ‘lurk about in the corner with a big baseball cap on, gurning’

  • 1980s dance music pioneer Adamski believes David Cameron visited his club
  • The DJ, whose most famous track was Killer, said the future PM wore a cap 
  • He claimed Mr Cameron would ‘lurk in the corner while gurning’ in the club 

Former Prime Minister David Cameron used to go out raving during the 1980s while wearing a baseball cap, a top DJ has claimed. 

Mr Cameron was a ‘regular’ on the hardcore dance scene according to DJ Adamski. 

At the time, Mr Cameron would have been working for the Conservative Party as a researcher having previously attended Oxford. 

Former Prime Minister David Cameron was a regular on the hardcore rave scene in the late 1980s according to leading DJ Adamski 

Mr Cameron, pictured with his wife Samantha, was known for chillaxing while in Downing St 

Mr Cameron, pictured with his wife Samantha, and David and Shelley Ross at the 2006 Conservative Summer Party, wore baseball caps while out clubbing according to Adamski

According to The Sun: ‘Apparently, David Cameron used to go to Solaris.

‘Yeah, I gather he’d lurk about in the corner with a big baseball cap on, gurning.’

During his time at Number 10, Mr Cameron was widely known for his ‘chillaxing’ attitude and informal way of doing business which was branded a ‘chumocracy’  

 Earlier this month, Mr Cameron criticised current Tory leader Boris Johnson over his handling of the Covid-19 epidemic. 

In a radio interview to promote the paperback version of his book, Mr Cameron was asked about Mr Johnson failing to attend Cobra meetings in February. He said: ‘I don’t know exactly what the circumstances were, so I’m not passing judgment.

‘I’m just saying, I didn’t always attend the first one.

‘But if you wanted to get stuff done, it normally needed – there’s something about the Prime Minister turning up that helps to drive decision making.’

He said: ‘I didn’t always attend the first Cobra meeting of every emergency, but I always thought you had to get to focus on it quite quickly.

‘It’s not because prime ministers are super human and only they can take decisions, I mean lots of people can take decisions, but there’s a sort of bias in government against doing something.

‘I think you’ve got to get in there quite quickly and try and drive progress.’

Mr Johnson did not chair his first Cobra meeting on Covid-19 until March 3, having left five earlier meetings to Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

This prompted opposition accusations that he had been ‘missing in action’.

Asked if he had been in touch with Mr Johnson about the Brexit situation, Mr Cameron said: ‘We talk from time to time and text each other from time to time.’

Mr Cameron, who as prime minister presided over an austerity agenda, said he helped in a food bank during the lockdown.

He said: ‘I worked for the Chipping Norton Food Bank actually one or two days a week, which was great to do something to help people who were really isolated and stuck at home.’

The ex-PM also appeared to suggest Jeremy Hunt should return to the Cabinet.

He said: ‘Jeremy is hugely capable.

‘He was a brilliant health secretary when I was prime minister.

‘I think he talks a lot of sense as chairman of the health select committee now and I hope his talent isn’t lost to politics forever if I can put it that way.’

Referring to dealing with ministers with experience in Cabinet, Mr Cameron said: ‘My approach was – I didn’t fear the tall poppies.’

Mr Cameron announced his resignation as prime minister after losing the Brexit referendum in June 2016, a few months before Mr Trump’s surprise US presidential win in November of that year.

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