De Blasio struggles with chopsticks during visit to Flushing

He doesn’t have the chops!

In yet another food-based bungle, Mayor Bill de Blasio struggled with a pair of chopsticks when he went for Chinese food in Queens Thursday — and even resorted to using a fork and his hands.

Hizzoner — at Flushing as part of an effort to ease anxieties about the coronavirus — was spotted manhandling the utensils and dropping large chunks of grub onto his plate as he attempted to dig into dim sum at the Royal Queen in New World Mall.

At one point, the mayor grabbed a fork in an apparent attempt to slide some food onto his chopsticks, as some of the dozen gourmands at his table giggled.

Two of his seatmates gracefully jumped in to assist — with Peter Tu, executive director of the Flushing Chinese Business Association, even grabbing the top of the utensils to demonstrate the proper usage.

Jo-Ann Yoo, the executive director of the Asian American Federation, meanwhile, was seen helping the mayor identify some of the dishes in front of him and gave him a chopsticks 101 lesson, too.

“I see people bumbling with chopsticks all the time,” she later told The Post. “I was very surprised at how quickly he learned. I showed him twice and he got it.”

De Blasio never gave up trying to use the chopsticks during the grueling 45 minute meal — though he did at one point pick up a piece of seaweed-wrapped dim sum with his hands.


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