Democrat-controlled House votes to make Washington DC a state… but Senate Republicans expected to spike plan – The Sun

WASHINGTON D.C. could be on its way to becoming the 51st state after the House approved legislation to do so on Friday.

If passed by the Senate, the District of Columbia would be referred to as "Washington, Douglas Commonwealth."

The new name would no longer refer to the Christopher Columbus but abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

According to Daily Mail, Douglass was chosen because he was from Maryland.

The new state name also refers to George Washington, a Virginian.

Washington D.C. currently resides between both states.

The bill passed in the House, 232 to 180, with only one Democrat joining Republicans voting against it.

However, it will likely go nowhere in the Senate, led by Republicans.

President Trump has also expressed criticism for making D.C. a state, as it is a largely Democratic city.

In 2016, just over 90 percent of voters voted for Hillary Clinton to be elected president.

If Washington D.C. becomes Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, it is highly unlikely Trump could win the state; even Republican senators would have trouble being elected.

If passed, the bill also moves to repeal the 23rd Amended to the Constitution, which gives Electoral College votes to D.C.

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