Devil worshippers ‘raped 11-year-old boy and drank his blood as they killed him’

Prosecutors have requested life sentences for a sick gang of self-styled Satanists who are accused of kidnapping an 11-year-old boy and raping him before hacking his body apart and drinking his blood while he was still alive.

Miguel 'Brujo' Jimenez, Rodolfo 'Rody' Sequeira, Ramon 'Burra' Rodriguez and Daniel Sosa are being held for the brutal murder of victim Marito Salto.

They allegedly used the boy in an horrific sacrifice to San La Muerte, a local deity identified with death and the devil.

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The sickening satanic slaughter took place in the town of Quimili, Santiago del Estero province, northern Argentina, between May 31 and June 2, 2016.

Jimenez and Sequeira face the most serious charges and are accused of being the masterminds of the twisted ritual and of sexually abusing and raping the young boy. Rodriguez and Sosa are accused of having participated in the crimes.

Prosecutor Mariela Bitar de Papa has also requested sentences of up to six years for five other defendants accused of covering up the sick crimes. They have been named as Daniel Gaston, Ramon Enrique Ocaranza, Maria Eugenia Montes, Gustavo Daniel Hernandez and Pablo Roberto Ramirez.

Investigators reportedly found satanic notes in 2017 in a drawer in Jimenez's bedroom which read "I already have his virility, his youth, his strength. Give me what I ask for,” and “Give me your strength, 666".

Until his arrest in November 2017, Jimenez had even participated in marches demanding justice for Marito's death.

Prosecutor Bitar de Papa said that the boy's remains were found in various different rubbish bags on the outskirts of Quimili.

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The young boy was a victim of "a crime in a satanic ritual in offering to San La Muerte", according to the official statement.

The statement also reportedly said that the boy was "exsanguinated" – his body was completely drained of blood – and that "the members of the sect drank his blood and kept parts from his body".

The prosecutor alleged that Jimenez was the brains behind the gruesome murder and Sequeira was the person who carried out Marito's kidnapping, abducting him one afternoon while he was fishing on a dam near his home.

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The victim's father, Mario Alberto Salto, is also a plaintiff, represented by lawyer Carol Pamela Gadan, who also named Jimenez as the mastermind of the sick crimes, as well as the key perpetrator of the sexual abuse and rape.

Coroners of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina previously determined that Marito Salto was raped and, after being hanged with a wire, was dismembered while he was still alive.

He had previously suffered incomplete asphyxiation from strangulation, according to local media.


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