Disabled tenant being taken to court by housing association over ‘untidy house’

A disabledman with cerebral palsy is being taken to court by a housing association because his house is "untidy".

Wheelchair-bound Ian Fowell who lives in the hamlet of Newchapel, Staffordshire, says he can't physically clean his house.

But he says social landlord Aspire Housing is taking him to court over the state of it, StokeOnTrentLive reports.

He claims the stress of the situation caused him to have "nervous breakdowns" and he's on medication to control mood swings.

However Aspire Housing says it has made "continued efforts" to support Mr Fowell, 43, and has no plans to evict him – and that legal action is a "last resort".

Mr Fowell, who has lived in his home for 19 years, said: "I am in a wheelchair and yet Aspire expects me to tidy up the property.

"They are taking me to court because I can’t bend over and clean. I think that is disgusting because I am in a wheelchair and can’t bend without getting any help.

"They are not helping me with the cleaning even though they know I am in a wheelchair. They are still planning to take me to court.

"I am not doing the cleaning because I physically can’t. I do it whenever I can but I can’t all the time.

"They are not understanding the difficulties I have got. They think I can do everything."

He added: "This has put me under a huge amount of pressure and I get nervous breakdowns.

"I’m on medication to control my mood swings. It can affect me physically, emotionally and it drains me having to fight all the time because I haven't got the strength with all the illnesses I have got.

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  • "They need to start helping me more than they are doing, I feel let down and disappointed by them."

    Aspire Housing says it has made "continued efforts" to support Ian and has no plans to evict him.

    Director of communities Alun Bragg said: "It is the responsibility of our customers to maintain a decent standard within their home, as outlined in our tenancy agreement.

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    "However, we will always work with customers to offer whatever support we can, particularly in situations where customers have mobility issues or other valid reasons that may make it difficult to maintain their home.

    "We have made continued efforts to support Mr Fowell with his tenancy, including arranging skips to help clear out his home, making referrals to wellbeing support services, and offering to arrange external cleaning providers to visit his home.

    "Unfortunately, Mr Fowell has chosen not to engage with this support, and as a result we have been unable to resolve the property condition issues.

    "On this occasion, we were left with no alternative but to seek legal proceedings against Mr Fowell.

    "Aspire Housing will only ever take these actions as a last possible resort.

    "We are actively involved in our communities and will always try to work with our customers to resolve any issues."

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