Donald Trump shows who's boss by giving Kim Jong-un sneak peak inside £1.5m limo The Beast

The president offered the North Korean leader a rare peek inside the presidential limousine as the new buddies thrashed out a deal to end the nuke threat.

After talks and a working lunch, Trump and Kim were spotted approaching The Donald’s hulking black Cadillac, adorned with an American flag.

Trump gestured to the armour-plated motor – known as The Beast – and then a Secret Service agent opened the right passenger door.

Kim could be seen smiling as the two stood chatting and he peeked inside.

While there was initially some confusion about what the leaders were doing, it quickly became clear that Trump was making a classic alpha male move, showing off his flash motor.

Body language expert Darren Stanton told The Sun Online: “I believe he showed him the vehicle out of ego as if to say ‘your Maybach is great but look what I have!’

“I think this because they have a short chat afterwards, Trump gives Kim Jong-un a little tap on the arm as if to say ‘good boy’.

“It’s a condescending gesture meant to say I’m in charge.”

The Beast costs £1.5million and weighs at least 4.5 tons.

The pair signed a historic agreement earlier today following the much hyped summitAlthough badged up as a Cadillac the vehicle is essentially a medical centre encased in a tank but disguised as a limo.

It contains a life support machine, blood supply and has an armour plated undercarriage.

The motor is sealed against chemical and biological attack and has bulletproof windows.

Kim rocked up to the meeting in a luxurious Mercedes Maybach, a car he shouldn’t even have access to under international sanctions.

Darren added: "To have access to or possession of such an opulent vehicle seems a little mischievous from the outset."

Trump had said before leaving for the summit that he would be able to tell within minutes whether he'd be able to strike a deal with Kim to dismantle the North's nuclear program.

Trump has sounded optimistic throughout the day, telling reporters, "We had a really fantastic meeting."

"A lot of progress. Really very positive. I think better than anybody could have expected. Top of the line. Really good."

TRUMP'S YUGE MOTOR Here's the lowdown on the President's massive, armour plated Caddy

The Beast is plated in 20cm thick armour strong enough to fend off armour-piercing bullets.

The luxurious interior may be less "bling" than the The Donald's usual tastes, but is sealed against chemical and biological attack.

A life support machine and a blood supply for the President inside the vehicle whenever it is in use.

An armour-plated undercarriage is designed to protect against roadside bombs.

Front-mounted tear gas cannons are just behind the bumper on the seven-seater motor – which will also have a shotgun on board.

A fleet of 12 identical models are reportedly being produced to replace the same number available to the Obamas.

The car will generally be used for journeys of a maximum half an hour and will follow the President around the world on Air Force One.

Journeys longer than half an hour will generally be taken by air in the Presidential chopper, Marine One.

The car will be based on a saloon version of the Cadillac Escalade.

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