Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin To Have First One-On-One Meeting In July

It appears that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been able to come to an agreement to meet with one another face to face and discuss de-escalating tensions between the two nations. The details of its location and time will be released to the public on Thursday, June 28.

Trump has met Putin in person twice before; one instance was at the Group of 20 nations summit in Germany last July, while the other was at the Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam last November.

NBC News reported that according to state media, Russian foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov stated that the meeting is set to occur during Trump’s scheduled European excursion, where he plans to visit Belgium and Britain,

Much like his recent meeting with Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea, which took place in Singapore, the summit between the U.S. and Russian leaders is not expected to take place in either of the two’s home nations.

The summit’s announcement comes at the heels of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Kremlin’s election interference and the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. National Security Advisor John Bolton has been in Russia holding meetings with Putin this week, and through this establishing significant details of the impending encounter between the two presidents.

Bolton reaffirmed his plans to see that the summit occurs in a news conference later in the day Wednesday, saying that Trump had “asked me to speak to speak to Russian authorities about a possible meeting between him and Putin.”

The national security advisor also stated that “There will be an announcement tomorrow on that simultaneously between Moscow and Washington on date and time of that meeting.”

Putin, on having spoken with Bolton, and reported by TASS, a Russian news source, was quoted as saying, “Your visit to Moscow gives us the hope that we will be able to make at least first steps toward restoring full-fledged relations between our countries. Russia has never sought confrontation.”

Trump has also since confirmed that the meeting will occur between the two world leaders and maintains that it would be significantly beneficial for U.S.-Russian relations henceforth.

“It would look like we will probably be meeting sometime in the not too distant future,” Trump said. “I’ve said it from Day 1 getting along with Russia and with China and with everybody is a very good thing it is good for the world its good for us its good for everybody so we’ll probably be meeting sometime around my trip to Europe.”

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