Elon Musk issues another warning on ‘major risk to the future of civilisation’

Elon Musk has issued yet another warning about what he perceives as a "major risk to the future of civilisation".

Birth rates appear to have infuriated the SpaceX and Twitter CEO, who replied to a tweet calling out a "major risk" that could threaten the future of the planet.

Replying to a tweet detailing population rates in Japan, the Tesla inventor, who has 10 kids himself, claimed "population collapse" is a huge risk threatening the future of the world.

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Musk racked up tens of thousands of likes and retweets on his recent post, which comes as Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida warns his country is "on the brink" of disaster.

Said disaster, which related to the fall in birth rate, appears to have worried Musk, who wrote in a recent tweet: "Population collapse is a major risk to the future of civilization."

He then linked a fertility rate graph which shows a stark decrease worldwide between the years 1970 and 2020.

Other Twitter users were not as convinced about the world-ending situation that Musk believes is unfolding, with one user writing: "Only if it dropped 50% or more over a short time… Then there'd be something to worry about."

Another user wrote: "Well, we had a good run."

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It comes as Daily Star previously reported that Musk had been identified as an alien in a Google captcha question, which saw the CEO reply to rumours he was from another planet.

Rumours that the 51-year-old came from outer space were seemingly confirmed by the CEO in a cheeky tweet that joked of his extra-terrestrial origins.

In reply to a Google captcha that identified Musk as an alien being, the Twitter CEO replied: "Busted."

His one-word response clearly delighted those in on the joke, racking up over 160k likes on his own social media platform.

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