Former WWE star 'Tyler Reks' set to celebrate transition to 'wise, witty and beautiful' Gabbi Tuft on television

FORMER WWE superstar Tyler Reks will celebrate her transition to "wise, witty and beautiful" Gabbi Tuft in an in-depth TV interview.

Gabbi Tuft, 42, shared the news in a press release on Thursday, revealing she dominated wrestling with "a secret persona dwelling deep within".

And now, the San Francisco-born wrestler will open up on transitioning during an in-depth interview on Extra today.

Teasing the announcement on her Instagram on Thursday, Gabbi wrote: "When you are ready to show all of your cards, there will be nothing left to fear.

"I am no longer afraid. Fear has been replaced with the highest vibrational state of gratitude.

"I am grateful for my past, for who I started this life as, for who I was, for who I am now, and for who I am becoming. 

"Tomorrow, I close this book of my life and begin a new one.

"My hope is that the last nine days of this countdown have helped you reflect on things not of material nature… but rather on the non-physical aspects of life that create what we call the human experience."

She then made the official announcement on Twitter last night in a touching post.

Her professional wrestling career spanned from 2007 to 2014 – and she instilled fear in her opponents when they went toe-to-toe in the ring.

She made appearances at major WWE events, including Smackdown, Raw and Wrestlemania.

However, Gabbi gave up her career to spend more time focusing on her "loving" wife Priscilla and their daughter.

And Gabbi credits her loyal spouse for supporting her as she transitioned from an imposing brawler into a "wise, witty and beautiful" woman.

A press release explained: "Finally, with the blessing of her loving wife Priscilla, Gabe is ready to reveal who she really is.

"Now known as she/her: A beautiful, wise, witty and wonderful woman. Gabbi is about to share her thrilling story of gender transitioning from a former WWE Superstar, Body Builder, Fitness Guru, Motivational Speaker and Motorcycle Racer to a fun loving and fabulous female."

It added: "She has been finally set free and ready to rule her world.

"This is a story wrestling and other sports fans, friends and followers must not miss, especially many in the LGBTQ community dealing with challenging transgender issues who Gabbi and Priscilla are willing to help."

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