Foul-mouthed mobility scooter driver rapped after vile road-rage rants

A driver has been rapped for upsetting people with vile road-rage rants… from his mobility scooter.

Foul-mouthed Frederick Wilkinson shouted at one pedestrian: “You f****** daft t***, get out of the f****** way.”

And the 53-year-old, known as Freddy, told a woman of 76 on a scooter to “F*** off” after refusing to let her pass.

David Houlston told magistrates he was in a HSBC branch when he heard a commotion outside last September.

He said: “Some person was swearing like a trooper.

"There was a lady by the side of me, she got agitated.

"She was in her 70s. She appeared frightened.”

Mr Houlston said the street was busy and a decorator working outside looked shocked.

Mr Houlston said: “He said, ‘Some bloke just had a go at me’. I saw the mobility scooter disappearing down the road. It was Freddy.”

He told the court in Wilkinson’s home town of Llandudno, North Wales, he had heard him shouting at people in the town before that incident, adding: “It’s disgusting, isn’t it?”

Betty McAuliffe, 76, said she was at the town’s Asda the same month and had gone down a path on her scooter when she saw former neighbour Freddy.

She said: “He was coming up the path with a trailer on the back of his scooter. I said, ‘You can’t come up the path with a trailer’, because I couldn’t get past.

“He wouldn’t let me pass him, I had to go around. He said I was nothing but a ‘f****** b**h’. He told me to ‘F*** off’.”

Wilkinson was found guilty of disorderly behaviour after a trial, fined a total of £120 and ordered to pay £230 costs.

But he still maintained his innocence today, saying: “I get abuse all the time.

"They don’t want you on the pavement, they don’t want you in the road.”

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