Giant pelican hogs the limelight at university’s graduate ceremony

Graduation day is undeniably one of the unforgettable highlights of any scholar’s life.

But students at Pepperdine University in California were given a day to particularly remember when an uninvited guest flew in.

Malibu-based videographer Grant Dillon managed to capture the unbelievable scene as it unfolded.

This video shows hundreds of people gathered outside ready to see their family and friends pick up their diplomas.

But as one man proudly walks across the tarpaulin, dressed in a traditional cap and gown, someone else steals the show.

A giant pelican is seen soaring across the air as people look up in shock – and he then proceeds to cause absolute havoc.

All attention is diverted away from the poor man during what should have been one of his proudest moments.

The bird sinks down in the middle of the crowds as people scream in disbelief, while others who are further away laugh uncontrollably.

They manage to edge the huge creature onto the centre stage, where it is less crowded.

Bemused, two official looking men then try to coax the cheeky bird away from the poor graduates.

He spreads his wings nonchalantly as he takes in his surroundings, refusing to budge.

In the background, the dean continues to read the names of graduates over the tannoy.

But luckily, after a few moments the bird decides the ceremony is a little too boring and eventually trots off.

Well, that’s one way to hog the limelight…

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