Glasgow has been crowned the UK's top tipping city

Glaswegians typically leave £5.33 after a meal out — the national average is £4.51.

The generous Scots have overtaken Londoners who gave most in the last survey in 2015 but who are now in third place, leaving £5.01 for good service.

Belfast came second with £5.13.

But it is Liverpudlians who are most likely to leave a tip — as 97.5 per cent reward staff, the poll of 1,000 adults found.

Adrian Valeriano, of OpenTable which commissioned the research, said: “The UK is a nation of willing tippers, with the national average tip on a steady rise.”

The stingiest tippers were in Nottingham, leaving an average of £3.22 — and one in five diners there never leave anything.

But waiting staff in Newcastle were least likely to get a thank you, with just 85.9 per cent of diners leaving a tip.

Some 72 per cent of people prefer to leave cash despite restaurants, cafes and bars increasingly going cashless.

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