Golden retriever meets puppy for the first time and turns into ball of energy

A golden retriever was filmed getting super-excited when he met his "little sister" for the first time.

In an adorable video, uploaded on Reddit by user u/solateor on February 21, the dark caramel-hued pooch is introduced to a tiny puppy.

The pup is being carried into the house in a Costco bag and, although he can't see her at first, Sid is clearly excited and starts to bounce around in anticipation.

He then pounces on the bag and starts to run around hyperactively.

Another shot shows the pair playfully grabbing two sides of a toy bone and having a round of tug-of-war.

The adorable video has been up-voted more than 45,000 times and people have left smitten comments about what a lovely and good-natured dog Sid is.

One person commented: "I love it when dogs get so excited that they wag their tails so hard that they are basically wagging their whole lower half."

A second viewer noted: "I like how in the second part in the video you can see the golden pulled too hard and almost knocked the puppy over, then proceeds to put 0 effort into pulling and just lets the puppy do the pulling so it doesn't do it again."

"Imagine being carried for a long time and the first thing you see is a giant you dancing in front of you," quipped a third viewer.

This comes after a golden retriever was filmed comforting its pal when they were due to be sold at a market.

In the heartbreaking clip, one pooch licks away the "tears" of the other.

And a golden retriever was caught on camera "singing" as his owner played the piano, something he does every time he hears the music playing.

Meanwhile, another golden retriever was adorably baffled by the sight of digital fish on a smartphone.

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