Half-in, half-out is not a viable 'soft-Brexit' compromise – it is suicide

Brexit in peril

They are crowing that Theresa May doesn’t have the Commons votes to take us out of the Customs Union.

That she’ll have to keep us in the Single Market too.

They seem to see it all as a political game with no real-world consequences.

The rest of Britain won’t.

Membership of a customs union negates Brexit at a stroke.

It wipes out arguably its biggest plus-point, the new power to trade independently with giant global economies.

Half-out of the EU, but trapped inside this union, we would take Brussels’ orders for ever but with no comeback.

Our great country, permanently subservient to the same club we voted to leave with the biggest mandate in our history.

A position immeasurably worse than before, foisted on us by foolish Tory MPs under the false pretence, orchestrated in Brussels, that the Irish border problem is otherwise unsolvable.

Half-in, half-out is not a viable “soft Brexit” compromise.

It is suicide — a catastrophe obvious to anyone not blinded by devotion to Brussels.

We would be humiliated before the world.

Betrayed voters, including many Remainers who believe the referendum verdict must be properly fulfilled, will not confine their protests to angry letters.

There are mutterings already of violence, even civil war.

They are surely overblown.

But what if they’re not?

Tory Anna Soubry and her co-conspirators should not kid themselves British stiff upper lip will prevail.

We fear the mayhem they could unleash.

Mrs May must talk them round or her Government could be destroyed.

Britain would then be crippled by the worst possible Brexit and potentially finished off by a Marxist Corbyn Government.

The Tories cannot let this happen.

Ruddy hell

AMBER Rudd is a talented politician ­having a nightmarish week.

Why scrap targets for deporting illegal migrants?

The public wants them out.

There SHOULD be targets.

Targets weren’t the problem in the Windrush scandal.

Nor, in fairness, was Ms Rudd.

It was shambolic civil ­servants with no common sense deporting people entitled to be here.

Years ago the Home Office was judged “not fit for purpose”.

It clearly still isn’t.

Ms Rudd must get a grip on it fast.

Sweet revenge

THE insanity of the Government’s war on supermarket treats gets worse.

First it lets schools sell hundreds of playing fields.

Guess what?

Kids do less exercise.

But instead of securing more land for sports it aims to ban promotions and raise tax on everyone’s food.

The PM must think again before hiking the cost of grub.

It will come back to bite her.

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