Harry ‘exaggerated’ gestures talking about struggles claims body language expert

Prince Harry 'exaggerated' his hand gestures in an interview with a TV doctor on Saturday because he is 'craving attention to be heard', a body language expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, engaged in a 90-minute chat with physician and author Dr Gabor Maté that was live-streamed at a cost of £17 per ticket – a fee that included a copy of his infamous new book, Spare.

The pair discussed a broad range of topics including drug use, the war in Afghanistan and the pain Harry continues to feel from the 1997 death of his mum, Princess Diana when he was just 12-years old.

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Expert Judi James said Harry's wild arms indicated a desperation to portray his emotions.

"His stories and his emotional responses seem to be spilling or pouring out of him, creating these over-congruent gesticulations where his hands draw or illustrate every idea in the air, as though he is desperate for his story to be heard, understood and even felt," she explained.

"His wide leg splay and the way he sits towards the edge of his sofa seat signal confidence and comfort in these 'reveals'.

"He wears a rueful smile as he speaks, but it’s his dramatic gesticulation that creates the most impact. As Harry talks to the therapist there is clearly no need for him to be drawn out, in fact the opposite seems to be true.

"Exaggerated gesticulation like this can be a sign of craving attention to be heard and understood. It can also suggest some kind of ‘air-mapping’ for the speaker to get make more sense of the things they are remembering and relating."

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In the interview, Dr Maté could be seen pulling out notes based on Harry's book before "diagnosing" Harry with series of mental health conditions, including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), PTSD, and depression.

The doc told Harry: "Reading the book, I diagnose you with ADD….I see it as a normal response to normal stress" – before adding that ADD could be 'healed at any point'.

But Harry didn't seem perturbed by the clinician's assessment, replying: "Free session, wonderful," referring to a session of therapy.

It comes as the Duke of Sussex and wife Meghan Markle find themselves booted out of Frogmore Cottage, with the pair asked to leave by King Charles, a spokesman for the couple confirmed.


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