Heartwarming moment cops deliver hot meal to vulnerable war veteran with no food in his freezing house

A VETERAN was found by police sitting alone in a freezing flat with no food.

PC Noone and PC Hammond from Essex Police were called to the unnamed army man's house on Remembrance Sunday.

The officers were investigating a potential breach of lockdown restrictions, but were left heartbroken after finding the veteran – who suffers with Parkinson's and PTSD – desperately trying to keep warm by lighting all four hobs on his cooker.

In a Facebook post, a spokesperson for Essex Police wrote: "What they found was totally unexpected.

"The caring officers spoke to him for some time and discovered he had no food or drink in the fridge or cupboards."

The war veteran – who served for 18 years – was left with no food but a plate of leftover sausage and mash after his bank accounts were frozen due to scammers "taking advantage of his kind nature".

The PCs quickly made arrangements to get the poor man some help, and were able to make up a food parcel with the help of the Cafe on the Rec who help provide vulnerable people with food and essentials.

The officers delivered chicken and baked potatoes later that night, with heartwarming pictures showing the moment the man received the meals.

According to the Facebook post, PC Noone said he will "never forget" the look on the man's face when they handed him the bags of donated food.

Social services are now on the case and the incident of bank fraud is being investigated.

Social media users flocked to Facebook to leave comments thanking the officers for their "amazing kindness".

One user described them as a "credit to Essex Police," while another added: "Well done to the two officers for acting so promptly and helpfully to aid this poor soul."

Piter Vera, who owns the social enterprise that helped the veteran, said the man's story left him in tears.

Mr Vera, 44, told MailOnline: "This man is a war hero, there are not many of them and a lot of them have already suffered so much. I actually cried about it afterwards.

"We have agreed to help in any way we can. I said we are happy to deliver food to him every day.

"We have some volunteers who are also going to go and cut his grass and clean his house, we can provide bedding, we just want to do everything we can."

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