If Trump runs, Melania WILL be right there, say friends and allies

‘If Trump runs, she will be right there’: Melania WILL be by her husband’s side if he runs for president again, insiders claim

  • Trump allies hit back at report that Melania Trump was intent on avoiding another four years as first lady
  • They said she would be at his side if the former president decides to run again
  • Melania has only be spotted once during the summer while her husband has returned to the campaign trail with rallies
  • Aides say Trump is unlikely to make an announcement on his 2024 plans until next year 
  • If he runs, ‘she will be right there,’ an adviser told Politico

Melania Trump will be at her husband’s side if former President Trump decides to run for another term in the White House, according to advisers and figures close to the couple.

They hit back at a recent report that Melania was intent on avoiding another four years as first lady. 

‘If you see them together at Mar-a-Lago you know they are in this together and all the reports about them leading separate lives are nonsense,’ said a frequent visitor to Trump’s Florida club. 

Trump has dropped frequent hints that he is planning a 2024 run but aides say he is unlikely to make a formal announcement until after nest year’s midterm elections.

That leaves political commentators guessing about his intentions – and those of his wife.

Insiders told CNN on Sunday that the former model was content being a mother to 15-year-old Barron and had ‘zero desire’ to return to the White House. 

But allies responded by insisting the report was false. 

‘If [Trump] runs, she will be right there,’ an adviser told Politico. 

‘She’s not going to have her own rallies. But did she ever?’ 

Former First Lady Melania Trump has no interest in returning to the White House or getting involved in politics – even if her husband does decide to run again

‘Being first lady again is not what she wants,’ a person who was close with Melania when she was first lady said. ‘For her, it was a chapter – and it’s over, and that’s that’

Another person said if Trump were to run again, Melania would be replaced on the campaign trail with daughter-in-law Lara Trump (left), who is married to Eric Trump, and Kimberly Giulfoyle (right), the girlfriend of Don Jr.

Trump is soon expected to move south from his New Jersey golf club to take residence at Mar-a-Lago for the winter. 

The former first lady is already in Florida, where Barron has begun school at the exclusive Oxbridge Academy.

‘The only thing that Trump cares about these days is golf and Melania. And if she doesn’t want him to run, then it’s going to be pushing a big rock up the hill,’ said a person close to Trump. 

‘I don’t think politics is her thing. She doesn’t like the game.’ 

The former first lady cut a private figure during her time at the White House. And she has only been spotted once this summer, while leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan in early July with Barron 

During the 2016 campaign, Melania so often refused to appear at events, a political operative who worked on Trump’s team in the early days told CNN they eventually ‘just stopped asking altogether.’

That has led many to suspect that she wants out of the political life altogether. 

‘Being first lady again is not what she wants,’ said a person who had a close relationship with Melania when she was first lady. ‘For her, it was a chapter – and it’s over, and that’s that.’ 

Another person aware of the former first lady’s lack of interest in Trump’s presidential and political ambitions said: ‘You’re not going to see her at rallies or campaign events, even if he ‘officially’ says he’s running again.’

Replacing Melania for these public appearances, the source said, would be the likes of Trump’s son’s partners – Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr.

Melania returned to Mar-a-Lago last month, where she will reside full time as Barron Trump, 15, (right) attends private school. The two are pictured leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan on July 7, 2021

‘They have that same urge Trump has to (run) again; Melania absolutely does not,’ the individual revealed. 

A source who spoke with CNN said Melania view’s Trump’s continued interest in politics as his job and not hers. 

The Slovene-American former model returned to Mar-a-Lago in August where she will reside full time with Barron as he attends private school in the area. 

‘The Trump voter puts [Melania] on a pedestal,’ an operative told CNN. ‘They’re awed by the way she looks or the way she basically doesn’t express ideas or opinions, which they see as stoicism and loyalty.’

‘For them, that’s enough for fealty,’ they added.

A person who has been in Melania’s social circle for more than a decade said her life is more private now than it could ever be in Washington, and ‘that’s how she likes it.’

‘The more she can be private and not in the public eye, the better,’ they added. ‘And there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, if every single person in the world watched your every move for four or five years, and that wasn’t comfortable for you — just imagine how triggering that must have been.’

In February, the former first lady announced in February she was opening her post-White House office, but the Twitter account has largely been void of any announcement of Melania’s life after leaving Washington.

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