Inside America's first freestanding bar made entirely out of ICE and 30,000lbs of snow

TAKE a look inside America's first freestanding bar made entirely out of ICE.

The massive structure in Bondurant, Wyoming is made out of 10 tons of ice and 30,000lbs of snow.

In a fitting name, it's been called The Ice Bar.

The arctic structure took three weeks to create.

Owner Joe Ricketts, 79, hopes it will continue serving customers until mid March. 

Pictures show the icy cool bar.

The structure is perched at an altitude of 6,600 feet.

The average low January temperature in the area is 5 degrees below freezing (-20 celsius).

The structure is supported with wooden beams – but the walls and roof are shown to be made entirely out of ice and snow.

The bar also features a carved buffalo structure – a nod to the Wyoming location.

It also has tables made of ice.

To keep customers from getting too chilly, the ice chairs are covered in blankets.

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