Inside ‘perfectly decayed’ hospital with eerie corridors and rotting wheelchairs

A couple who dedicate their time to exploring abandoned buildings across the UK discovered a 'perfectly decayed' hospital on their searches.

Becky and Rikki Starr, the pair behind the 'Urbex Couple' Facebook page, posted the haunting pictures of the building.

While the paint appears to be crawling away from the walls, the pair couldn't resist a search inside the rotting property.

Inside they found eerie dark corridors, complete with wheelchairs that had been left to rot.

Beds were left looking battered and broken after not seeing a patient lay on them in so many years.

One of the 27 images posted to their page shows a wheelchair creatively graffitied with a 'Hello Kitty' logo from explorers who had found their way inside before.

Another image shows a sign which reads "Visitors are not permitted to smoke" surrounded by cracking white paint that is peeling its self from the walls.

The Starr's fans were fascinated at the find as one wrote: "That looks so spooky."

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A second said: "Ooooh very spooky, the pictures are excellent."

Another added: "Love these. Now I’m going to have to visit. Nothing better than a derpy hospital."

To which Becky replied to warn them that although they recommend a visit, the upstairs "isn't very safe."

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Although the explorers have not confirmed where they found the hospital, similar sightings have been reports of creepy abandoned hospitals being found in similar conditions before.

The Denbigh Asylum, for example, was the first mental health institution in North Wales when it opened in 1848.

Over the course of its 147 years of service, the hospital served as a refuge for mental patients, accommodating around 200 patients at a time.

However, it has been left to decay for decades and the Derbyshire Council now have plans to turn the land into new homes.

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