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THE scandal-ravaged Met Police have come under fire again after an officer was revealed as one of the UK's worst rapists.

David Carrick tortured and abused 12 victims in a 17-year reign of terror by controlling what they ate and who they spoke to.

The sick 48-year-old also locked women naked in a cupboard under the stairs for ten hours at a time and branded them his "slaves".

His sadistic crimes were revealed for the first time yesterday after Carrick pleaded guilty to 49 charges – including 24 counts of rape.

The Met's toxic culture is now being exposed again after it emerged the monster came to police attention nine times before his arrest.

They have apologised for not taking an earlier opportunity to catch Carrick, who had been accused of rape and domestic violence while serving with the force.

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He has now finally been sacked after a misconduct hearing was held in his absence today.

The scandal is the latest controversy to hit the Met after it was plunged into special measures last year.

It has now emerged more than 1,600 cases of alleged sexual offences or domestic violence involving its officers are being reviewed following Carrick's crimes.

Accusations ranging from arguments to the most serious sexual crimes from the last 10 years are being checked to make sure that the appropriate decisions were made.

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A total of 1,633 cases involving 1,071 officers and staff are set to be examined.


Trust was shattered in the Met following the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard by serving officer Wayne Couzens.

At the time, the Met was facing heavy criticism over their handling of a vigil for the marketing executive.

Sarah's death in March 2021 was the first in a series of chilling murders in the capital that left women terrified to walk alone.

The killing of Zara Aleena by a serial offender who had stalked the streets hunting for a victim heaped further pressure on the force to protect lone females.

Her murder came after Sabina Nessa was beaten to death with a road sign in a "sadistic sexually motivated" murder by stranger Koci Selamaj.

As faith in the police continued to drop, shocking claims were made against the officers themselves.

Deniz Jaffer and Jamie Lewis were jailed in December 2021 after taking sick pictures of two murdered sisters.

The officers were in charge of guarding the crime scene in Wembley where Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were killed.

Instead, the ghouls branded the women "dead birds" and superimposed one of their faces on to one of the victims' bodies before sharing the photo.

The officers were not the only cops to get banged up for sickening crimes.


PC Jonathon Cobban, 35, and Joel Borders, 45, indulged in rape fantasies, shared racist slurs and laughed about shooting people in messages that were "beyond the pale".

The messages were shared in a group chat called Bottle and Stoppers that Couzens was a part of before he raped and murdered Sarah.

In November, Cobban and Borders were each jailed for 12 weeks after claiming they were just swapping "banter" in the messages.

Sickeningly, the messages came after other officers joked about rape, killing black children and beating their wives.

Scotland Yard was also forced to apologise again after a damning report was released by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) in February.

It showed how one officer was dubbed "mcrapey raperson" by colleagues after he was rumoured to have brought a woman to a police station for sex.

WhatsApp messages also included multiple references to sexual violence, with one reading: "I would happily rape you".

They also featured the use of homophobic and racist slurs, including references to African children, Somalis and the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, the report said.

Then-Home Secretary Priti Patel later tore into the Met after "too many instances where, in policing, we just see the most appalling behaviours".

She told the Commons Home Affairs Committee: "There are problems with the culture, and some aspects of the culture, within the Metropolitan Police.

"I do think there are some very, very serious and significant matters that need, not just following up, but further investigation.

"We're not seeing one-off incidences. I think we should just be quite clear about that. We are not seeing one-off incidences, this is not isolated.

"We have seen now too, too many times, too many instances where, in policing, we just see the most appalling behaviours, the most appalling conduct."

Commissioner Cressida Dick eventually stepped down in February last year as public trust in the police continued to plummet.

The scandal-ravaged chief had stood her ground despite numerous failings and repeated calls to quit.

Her predecessor Sir Mark Rowley has now spoken out following Carrick's crimes being revealed.

He admitted the sustained employment of the cop was a "spectacular failure" – but refused to accept trust in the Met is now "fundamentally broken".

The commissioner said: "What he's done to his victims is truly abhorrent. Their courage in coming forward is truly admirable. But we've let London down – he's been a police officer for 20 years.

"Through a combination of weak policies and weak decisions, over those 20 years we missed opportunities when he joined and subsequently, as behaviour came to the fore that we should have removed him from policing.

"Whether it would have affected him being a sex offender I don't know, but he shouldn't have been doing it as a police officer."


Carrick worked for the force's Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command unit – the same department as Couzens.

It is not clear if the pair knew each other while working at the elite unit at the same time.

Carrick, whose colleagues branded him "B*****d Dave", would flash his warrant card to lure the women into a false sense of security and told them: "I’m a police officer, you can trust me”.

He would appear charming at first before spending time "developing relationships to sustain his appetite for degradation and control".

Carrick forced women to clean his home naked, carried out degrading acts against them, cut them off from family including their children and whipped them with belts.

One victim was forced into a tiny cupboard smaller than a dog crate, while others were forced to perform sex acts until they "fought for breath".

Carrick also controlled how much they ate and when they slept, telling them: “You’re only allowed to eat this much of an apple today”.

The monster would abuse his position in the police to terrify his victims into silence.

He first served in the Military before becoming a Met Police officer from August 2001.

Eight years later, a domestic abuse complaint was made against him but no further action was taken.

The woman who made the allegation is one of the 12 victims.

In 2019, Carrick was accused of assault and criminal damage but again, no action was taken.

Shockingly, he was cleared to return to work just weeks after first being accused of rape.

The predator was not even subjected to a fresh round of vetting as a result of the July 2021 rape allegation.

And he passed vetting back in 2001 despite being accused of burglary and malicious communications when a relationship ended.

The Met has now referred itself to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Met Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray said: “On behalf of the Metropolitan Police, I want to apologise to the women who have suffered at the hands of David Carrick.

“I commend their outstanding bravery in coming forward and reporting the horrific crimes they were victims of.

“Carrick is a prolific, serial sex offender who preyed on women over a period of 17 years, abusing his position as a police officer and committing the most horrific, degrading crimes.

“He has devastated women’s lives. He has had a devastating impact on the trust and confidence of women and girls that we are working so hard to earn. He has devastated colleagues.

“He used the fact he was a police officer to control and coerce his victims. We know they felt unable to come forward sooner because he told them they would not be believed.

“We should have spotted his pattern of abusive behaviour and because we didn’t, we missed opportunities to remove him from the organisation.

“We are truly sorry that being able to continue to use his role as a police officer may have prolonged the suffering of his victims."

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