Instagram influencers encouraging fans to get unlicenced lip fillers & surgery with 'incredibly irresponsible' posts

INSTAGRAM influencers are encouraging fans to get unlicensed lip fillers and plastic surgery by sharing "incredibly irresponsible" posts, it has been claimed today.

The social media stars have been promoting accounts which peddle the dangerous procedures, along with gambling in a string of posts.

Former Love Islanders Belle Hassan, 23, and Kendall Rae Knight, 29, are among Brit influencers who have been sharing details of the accounts as part of competitions, reports The Times.

The TV stars have been sharing 75 accounts on an Instagram page run by social media marketing company, Play Social.

The influencers' fans are told to follow the accounts to be entered into competitions in which prizes “worth thousands” are up for grabs.

But the pages they are promoting encourage horse racing gambling, show lip injection clinics which are not accredited, and plastic surgeons promoting breast enhancements.

According to The Times, influencer Hassan is likely to have been paid £3,000 for a single post promoting the competition.

Ashton Collins, from Save Face, the non-surgical cosmetic treatment industry watchdog, slammed the competition as “incredibly irresponsible” because the majority of both Hassan and Knight’s two million followers are teenagers.

She also pointed out that five out of six of the lip filler accounts are not on the UK’s national register of accredited practitioners.

She said the posts gives the impression that the influencers “know these accounts and therefore have verified or used them in some way.”

Jim Orford, founder of Gambling Watch UK and a psychology professor at Birmingham University added that the contest let gambling firms “exploit the young, the vulnerable and the unwary”.

PlaySocial charge the businesses on the 75 accounts £750- £2,500 to be on their follower lists for the competitions – known as “loop giveaways.”

Other stars involved in the campaign included Love Island’s Callum Jones, 24, and TikToker Katie Franklin, 20.

PlaySocial’s creator Renee Karr said influencers did not know which accounts they would be promoting when they signed up.

She said:  “There are some sponsors who may provide services which are aimed at an older audience or should not be presented to a younger audience.”

“If a post promotes the use of certain weight loss products or cosmetic procedures, and has an incentive to buy or includes a price, we will restrict people we know to be under 18 from seeing that post.”

“Our intentions are pure and we are just trying to do a business. All talent that participate in campaigns are choosing to get involved as they get an opportunity to engage with their fans and followers and are able to really give them something to cheer about.”

The Sun has approached Instagram, Belle Hassan and Kendall Rae Knight for comment.

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