Irish hen party is rescued from a lift at Magaluf hotel

Hilarious moment an entire hen party has to be rescued from a stuck hotel lift in Magaluf as their saviours howl with laughter

  • The group of ten were going into town when the lift got stuck on the way down
  • When they emerged in party outfits the rescue crew were ‘crying with laughter’
  • The hen party had come over from Dublin to celebrate bride-to-be Danielle Fox 

This is the moment a hen party had to be rescued after getting stuck in a lift in Magaluf. 

Stuck in the hotel in their party outfits, a predicament which left even the rescue crew ‘crying with laughter’, the cheerful group can be seen emerging from the elevator one by one. 

The lift had got stuck on the second floor while the group of ten were on their way into town, leaving them stranded in the hotel. 

The group from Dublin were celebrating Danielle Fox’s hen party when they got stuck in the resort on Majorca, Dublin Live reports. 

A group of hen party revellers from Dublin had to be rescued from a hotel lift in Magaluf

The well-dressed hen party group can be seen in the footage crawling out of the lift and back to safety on the second floor. 

One of the rescuers helping the women out could be seen laughing along with them, as the party-goers clutched their chests in relief and amusement.

They had to climb a steep step to get out of the lift, which seemed to have got stuck just below the level of the second floor. 

One of them emerged wearing a bridal veil, while another stumbled and collapsed on to the carpet when she climbed out.  

The well-dressed group laughed with the rescue crew as they climbed out of the hotel lift

Lorna Carrig, one of the travelling group, said they had laughed off the drama and said it had made the trip a memorable one. 

She said: ‘We’d only been in there about five minutes, but no one would respond when we pressed the buttons. 

‘When they came to help us, most of them ended up crying with laughter.’  

One of them emerged wearing a bridal veil, while another stumbled and fell on to the carpet

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