ISIS turn prisoner into airborne bomb in sick new execution method

ISIS fanatics have revealed their latest sick method of executing prisoners – turning them into a bomb and throwing them off a building.

Shocking footage has emerged of members of the Islamic death cult using cords and wooden planks to secure the terrified captive in the Yarmouk area of Syria – which remains under ISIS control.

The captors then use a chin wedge to keep the prisoner’s head upright, stuff the helmet full of explosives and fitted with an impact fuse to trigger the deadly bomb.

The man falls head first after being launched from a building. The prisoner is decapitated by the explosion.

Separate shots on the ISIS propaganda channel so the man being reading for his death and then him falling towards the rubble-strewn ground head first.

It is not known what the prisoner’s ‘crime’ is. It may just be revenge for airstrikes by Syrian and Russian armed forced on ISIS positions.

The Islamic State is losing ground in both Syria and Iraq. The Yarmouk district is one of their last bastions and a major offensive is underway to force out the terror group that once claimed half of Iraq and Syria in 2014.

After officially branding itself ISIS in 2013, the group took advantage of the 2011 uprising against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to spread.

As the war in Syria turned seven years old last month, ISIS was all but defeated at the hands of separate campaigns by the Russia-backed Syrian military and U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic forces.

Only small pockets of ISIS resistance remain in Iraq.

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