What Kate and Wills want people to get their new royal baby as a present

The new royal baby is less than 48 hours old, but it’s fair to assume he’s probably already got everything he could possibly need.

But there will still be lots of people who want to buy the new prince a little present to welcome him to the world.

Normally, you would buy a new baby a cuddly toy or a cute baby grow – but what do you buy the fifth in line to the throne?

Well it turns out people don’t need to worry about that any more, as Prince William and his wife Kate have revealed what they actually want people to get him as a gift.

A statement has been published on the official Kensington Palace website, thanking people for their generosity at this time.

But the Duke and Duchess believe people’s kindness should be directly to people who really need it.

So the couple have asked people not to buy presents for the new royal baby, and to donate to charity instead.

The statement says: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are extremely grateful for the support and goodwill being expressed at this happy time.

"However, Their Royal Highnesses do not wish to encourage the sending of gifts to them on this occasion, and feel that any generosity of spirit felt by individuals should be directed to those more in need.

"As such, they would be grateful if people wishing to give gifts look to provide their support in one of two ways"

"By donating to a children’s charity which is local to them (i.e. to the gift giver) as a way of marking the birth of Their Royal Highnesses’ third child;

or, alternatively, by donating to Evelina London Children’s Hospital .

Under the royal family’s rules, gifts from commercial organisations can’t be accepted and they must be returned to the sender.

Kate gave birth to her third child, a healthy boy weighing 8lbs 7oz, just after 11am on Monday in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

She left the hospital that evening, but not before Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived at the hospital to meet their new little brother.

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