Keeping the PM locked up for two weeks is a massive act of national self-harm

HOW does it make sense that our Prime Minister – who last night boasted he is “bursting” with Covid antibodies – is locked up in self-isolation for two weeks during one of the most important periods in recent British history?

It doesn’t. In any way.

In fact, it's completely mad – probably the most disturbing example yet of the nonsensical nature of our current coronavirus restrictions which the public is increasingly resisting in their droves.

Think about this for one moment: The entire purpose of spending billions to develop a Covid vaccine is to get the majority of the population to develop the antibodies, which then protect an individual from infection.

The fact that Boris Johnson already has these antibodies, after his severe case of Covid in March, means it’s virtually impossible that he can currently contract the virus.

More to the point, the government is pushing mass testing as a path back to normality as we await the rollout of a vaccine.

So surely, given the PM has the antibodies, a simple test should free him from self-isolation?

Before his unceremonious departure from Downing Street, Dominic Cummings had been pushing for the self-isolation period to be cut from 14 to seven days, but was – surprise surprise – being resisted by Doctor Doom Chris Whitty.

Cummings was right on that, just like many other things.

What is the point of keeping individuals who don't have Covid forcibly locked in their homes for two weeks?

That is a cruel and unusual punishment for many folk, especially if they KNOW they have tested Covid negative or have antibodies.

If these sort of draconian regulations are kept in place, the government and SAGE will be wrong to complain when the rule-breaking becomes more brazen.

The best thing about the British people is that we use our common sense.

Anyone with even a dose of that can see that taking our Prime Minister out of action now is a massive act of national self-harm.

I would have had much more respect for Boris if he’d explained that he would continue to work as normal at No 10 in the public interest having tested negative for the virus with the presence of antibodies in his system.

That was the decision made last week by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the President of the Community of Madrid in Spain, who, in an identical scenario, resumed work after two negative coronavirus tests and the confirmation of Covid antibodies.

“If it is not necessary to be in quarantine, do not do it,” she declared.

If Boris could adapt the same level of conviction to common sense when it comes to Covid rules we would soon be in a much better place.

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