Kellyanne Conway tests positive for coronavirus

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, 15, reveals on TikTok that her mom has tested positive for coronavirus and says ‘Wear your masks. Don’t listen to our idiot f*****g president’

  • Trump’s former adviser Kellyanne Conway has tested positive for coronavirus
  • Her teenage daughter Claudia broke the news on TikTok 
  • Conway later confirmed she has the virus on Twitter  
  • It comes days after Conway attended a White House event that is now linked to at least six other COVID-19 cases
  • They include President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump 

President Donald Trump’s former adviser Kellyanne Conway has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The news was first revealed by her teenage daughter Claudia in a TikTok video but Conway later took to Twitter to confirm.    

It comes days after Conway attended a White House event that is now linked to at least seven other COVID-19 cases, including President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.  

Conway tweeted Friday that she has a ‘light cough’ and is ‘feeling fine’. 

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Kellyanne Conway, right, chats with US Attorney General William Barr, left, following President Donald Trump’s announcement of Amy Coney Barrett, 48, as his nominee. She has now tested positive for coronavirus, the seventh person who attended the event to do so 

Claudia Conway revealed the new on TikTok on Friday night

Kellyanne Conway reveals she tested positive for coronavirus on Friday night 

‘I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians,’ she added.

‘As always, my heart is with everyone affected by this global pandemic’. 

Conway, 53, said that previous tests she had taken were all negative.  

Her 15-year-old daughter Claudia began to speculate that the former White House adviser may have been infected in a string of videos posted to TikTok on Friday evening. 

‘My mom coughing all around the house after Trump tested positive for COVID,’ she wrote on the first video as she lip-synced the lines ‘that’s weird, that’s suspicious’. 

‘When my lungs hurt and it’s hard for me to breathe,’ she wrote on the next, revealing that she was also experiencing coronavirus symptoms. 

She later posted a singing video before returning to Trump and his positive coronavirus test. 

‘I don’t wish ill on anybody but … the irony,’ she said. 

Claudia later urged people to vote in another video as she continued to slam Trump

‘I hope the Lysol cures him,’ Claudia added as she played a line from Tuesday’s debate in which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tells Trump ‘you’re the worst president America has ever had’. 

In her next video, Claudia confirmed her mother’s positive test as she sat with a mask on. ‘Bye I’m done, I’ll see you all in two weeks,’ she wrote in the caption. 

‘I’m furious. Wear your masks. Don’t listen to our idiot f*****g president piece of s**t. Protect yourself and those around you,’ she added. 

The teenager is a vocal critic of the president despite her mom’s previous prominent role in his administration. Claudia became a viral star on TikTok after she began to criticize the White House and her family’s involvement. 

In one of her latest videos, she urged people to go out and vote. 

‘If you will be eligible to vote by November 3 and you haven’t registered to vote already, please, please, please register,’ she said. 

‘It’s super important to exercise your right that you have as an American in this country. Please vote.’ 

Kellyanne Conway attended the Rose Garden announcement Saturday where President Donald Trump announced his nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.  

At least seven people who were in attendance have now tested positive: President Trump, the first lady, a senior White House aide, two Republican senators who sit on the judiciary committee, Conway, and the head of the University of Notre Dame. 

Kellyanne Conway at the Rose Garden ceremony last Saturday without a mask

Three White House reporters also tested positive Friday as the White House National Security Council ordered all staff to begin wearing masks in White House common areas and to ‘avoid unnecessary visits’ to the West Wing. 

Mask use on the White House grounds has mostly been lax, with Trump often having questioned and sometimes ridiculed their use despite medical experts´ insistence the practice saves lives. 

The president was admitted to Walter Reed Military Medical Center Friday evening as an advisor told CNN that he had ‘trouble breathing’.

The White House confirmed that he would stay there for a ‘few days’ and continue to work from the presidential suite. They added he would not be handing over power to Vice President Mike Pence, despite his hospitalization.   

Pence is among those who have tested negative Friday, as well as Trump’s nominee Barrett who had coronavirus over the summer. 

U.S. President Donald Trump disembarks from the Marine One helicopter followed by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows as he arrives at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after the White House announced that he ‘will be working from the presidential offices at Walter Reed for the next few days’ after testing positive for the coronavirus disease

US President Donald Trump walks off Marine One while arriving at Walter Reed Medical Center

Conway had recently stepped aside from her role in the Trump White House after her daughter’s sudden viral fame.

The 53-year-old counselor to the president said she was leaving for the sake of her family, to be ‘less drama, more mama’. 

It came after Claudia said she was ‘officially pushing for emancipation’ from her parents in a series of tweets. 

Claudia’s father, an attorney, is one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal and pointed critics. 

He also stepped back from his role on the Lincoln Project, an outside group of Republicans devoted to defeating Trump in November. He will also take a hiatus from Twitter, the venue he has often used to attack the president. 

He returned on Friday night, however, as he blasted the White House for holding the maskless Rose Garden even attended by his wife. 

‘I’m livid,’ he wrote as he shared pictures from the event. 

‘Utterly moronic understates it. No responsible organization run by intelligent and competent people would hold an event like this in America today,’ he added. 

Conway confirmed the news of her departure from the White House on Twitter

Her husband George also confirmed the news of his stepping back from his high-profile role

In a statement, Conway called her time in the Trump administration ‘heady’ and ‘humbling,’ and said she and George were making the decision based on what they think is best for their four children. 

‘We disagree about plenty,’ she wrote of her and her husband, ‘but we are united on what matters most: the kids. 

‘Our four children are teens and ‘tweens starting a new academic year in the middle school and high school that will be conducted remotely from home for a least a few months. As millions of parents nationwide know, kids ‘doing school from home’ requires a level of attention and vigilance that is as unusual as these times.’

Conway continued: ‘This is completely my choice and my voice. In time, I will announce future plans. For now, and for my beloved children, it will be less drama, more mama.’ 

Conway was among Trump’s longest-serving advisers.

She was Trump’s third campaign manager in 2016 and the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign to victory. 

She joined the White House at the start of Trump’s term and has been one of his most visible and vocal defenders.

Conway, a veteran Republican pollster, has frequently been mocked for her unwavering defense of the president and his team.

Claudia Conway’s TikTok and Twitter tirades 

Claudia Conway, 15, has been openly feuding with her parents on social media throughout the summer and has gained thousands of followers on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.  

The teen, who uses the handle @datjerseygirl, has gone viral for her ferocious views on Donald Trump, support for Black Lives Matter, trashing her parents’ marriage and asking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to hire her.

Last week she retweeted a post from AOC which said, ‘Team AOC is hiring!’, and responded: ‘Let me intern for you.’ 

Her TikToks have urged followers to leave one-star reviews for Trump-owned hotels, restaurants and golf courses and called for justice for black people killed by white police officers. 

In a video from April she wrote: ‘when our president for the next four years is either going to be a [email protected]$t or a [email protected]$t.’ 

Claudia’s outspoken beliefs first gained traction at the end of June when New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz shared several of her videos on Twitter, praising her as ‘an outspoken leftist TikToker.’ 

Not long after, her attorney father George Conway attempted to intervene, telling journalists that neither he nor his wife Kellyanne would allow them to speak to Claudia.

‘To journalists: @kellyannepolls and I do *not* consent to any communications between you and any of our minor children, including our daughter Claudia. So desist. Thank you,’ he wrote. 

Claudia tweeted back: ‘You’re just mad that I’m finally getting my voice heard. sorry your marriage failed.’

A week later the dramatic teenager posted her ‘last tweet,’ claiming that her parents were making her delete her profile. 

‘My parents are forcing me to delete social media so this is my last tweet. apparently, i don’t have a platform! it’s fake! love you all so much. keep fighting!’ Claudia wrote.

But just two weeks after her social media ban, Claudia tweeted to reassure followers she’d ‘got her phone back.’

She added: ‘probably wont have it for long though considering i’m about to revolutionize twitter brb (be right back).’  

She then posted and retweeted a flurry of anti-Trump messages, replying to one of his tweets calling him ‘racist, homophobic and tyrannical’, and labelling him a ‘golfing idiot of a president’.

She wrote: ‘let’s stop giving mr. golfer attention and his supporters ammunition. for those eligible to vote, ESPECIALLY young people, you must #SettleForBiden.’

She wrote directly to the president: ‘babe maybe you should stop calling COVID-19 “China Virus” and start calling it “America Virus” since it’s THRIVING in our country.

The teenager added: ‘awe so where are your “condolences” for the ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND LIVES lost in YOUR country? yo i’m sorry but is this actually our president? he doesn’t even use correct english i’m crying.’ 

A few days later she posted a video on TikTok claiming that her mother had her ‘arrested for fake assault charges’ during a live stream.

Claudia said she needed a lawyer in the post which was soon deleted. 

It’s a stark contrast to some of her earlier TikTok videos which had expressed anti-Trump views while asking followers to not attack her mother and father.

‘Just please no hate to my mom or my dad, they’re both amazing people… and I love them so much,’ she said on a video earlier this year.

She has since outlined that although she and her father George, who is also an anti-Trump tweeter, happen to agree on the president this does not extend to their broader political beliefs.

She wrote yesterday: ‘As for my dad, politically, we agree on absolutely nothing. we just both happen to have common sense when it comes to our current president. stop “stanning” (obsessing over) him.

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