Liberals furious over Mitch McConnell magazine mix-up

Guess they won’t be selling this magazine in the checkout aisle.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been dubbed WholeFoods Magazine’s “Person of the Year” — and the ensuing outrage prompted Whole Foods Market to reassure shoppers it has nothing to do with the trade publication.

McConnell brought attention to the award when he tweeted out a photo of himself beaming on the cover of the magazine, saying he was “honored” to take the 2019 title.

“I was recognized as the most influential person in the natural products industry, specifically because of my work to legalize industrial #hemp for farmers in Kentucky and around the country,” he wrote in a Wednesday tweet.

Yet McConnell’s announcement immediately sent liberals who shop at the multi-national chain into a tizzy, as numerous people called for boycotts of the grocery store.

“Who shops Whole Foods? Not me anymore!” wrote user @1anniem on Thursday.

In response, Whole Foods Market has sent dozens of tweets to irate shoppers, insisting their company “is not affiliated with this publication.”

Whole Foods Market was founded in 1980, while WholeFoods Magazine began publishing in 1984.

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