Little girl, 4, who survived horror crash that killed her mum & gran asks 'where's mummy?' from hospital bed

HEARTBREAKING pictures show a four-year-old girl in hospital after surviving a horror crash that killed both her mum and gran.

Since waking up following the head-on smash in Kinkuna, Australia, little Skyler Bishop has been asking just one thing: "where's mummy?".

The youngster and her aunt Kristina, 25, survived the devastating collision on a remote road on Sunday.

But tragically her gran, 52-year-old Maryanne Bishop, died at the scene, while her mum Jessyica, 32, died in hospital at about 9pm that night, reports the Mail.

Little Skyler, who was seriously injured, was flown to hospital in Brisbane and had to receive surgery for a significant fracture to her arm.

She now has months of rehabilitation ahead and has a neck brace to hold her head straight.

Writing on a GoFundMe page set up to help cover costs of both funerals and medical expenses, the Bishop family said: "Skyler has a long road to recovery and will remember this event for the rest of her life.

"Skyler is now in recovery but asking for her mum."

Described by her family as a "free spirit", Jessyica had three children aged four, 13 and 14.

The family added: "Jessyica was a free loving mum whom believed in all things happen for a reason, we have now lost our free spirit."

Skyler's gran Maryanne, who had five children and several grandchildren, has been hailed as a "fun loving woman" whose "love for her children was endless".

The grieving family say Skyler's aunt Kristina is "lucky to have survived" the horror smash after suffering multiple broken bones to both legs, her kneecaps being torn from the muscle, a fractured pelvis and several broken ribs.

"We thank the lord that she is still here with us," the family added.

"Kristina has a long and painful road to recovery."

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Maryanne and Jessyica's funerals, as well as for Skyler and Kristina's medical expenses.

A note on the page reads: "What the Bishop family are asking for is support, financial support to lay both Maryanne and Jessyica to rest together so that mother and daughter will always be together. 

"Please donate what you can to the funeral, the post operations and recovery expenses."

So far, well-wishers have donated more than $6,800 (£3,770).

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