Loyal dog grabs leash and drags owner away from speeding car – saving her life

A quick-thinking dog dragged her owner from the path of a speeding car after she slipped on black ice – saving her life in the process.

Melissa Amos, from the city of New Athens in Illinois in the US, was walking across a car park with her pet Sorsha when she fell over.

Due to her back problems, she was unable to get up – with a car skidding across the ice and heading straight for her.

Melissa posted on Facebook: “Sorsha grabbed the leash in her mouth and dragged me by it out of harm’s way.

“She wasn’t trained for physical assistance, just as she hadn’t been trained for psychiatric service work. She just KNEW. Saved my life.”

Melissa adopted Sorsha – who was shot in the mouth by a previous owner – when she was a 10-week-old puppy at a rescue centre, and the pooch has helped ease her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

She added: “She wouldn’t sleep that whole first week after we brought her home unless she was physically touching me.

“She bonded so close to me. Then we discovered she understood when I was anxious or having a PTSD episode and would snuggle up to me and lick my hand until I pet her and started to calm down.

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“Never taught her that, she just did it. So I got her trained as a service dog so she goes everywhere with me and helps me with my anxiety and PTSD wherever I am.”

Earlier this week, a devastated dog tried to chase after a car after being dumped on the side of the road.

Nicole Crossley photographed the pooch – believed to be a fox terrier – in Mickleham, Melbourne, Australia, at 11am on Sunday, January 24.

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In a heartbreaking shot, the dog is seen giving chase to a silver SUV.

While the photo is not quite clear, the vehicle is believed to be a mid-late 2000s model Mercedes Benz L Class, Daily Mail Australia reported.

Ms Crossley wrote on Facebook group Lost Pets North and Inner Suburbs (Melbourne, Australia): “The poor little one chased and kept up with [a] car for a while on foot, but I lost sight of it after it approached the bend.

“I’ve just spent the last hour in the car and on foot trying to find the poor little dog to no avail.”

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