This luxury three-bed house with stunning views is on the market for £2m – but there's a catch

But if it seems too good to be true, there's sure to be a catch – with the house actually a houseboat on the River Thames.

The floating home, called Penelope, is permanently moored in Wandsworth, south west London, and despite being a boat, is large enough to be a family home.

Incredibly, its ceilings are high enough to accommodate a four-poster bed and a free standing bath in the master bedroom.

Adding to the home's unusual character, its current owner designed the boat in collaboration with a top naval architect and a leading commercial shipyard.

Most of its living space is on the top deck with the bedrooms on the lower floor.

Ian Tichener, from estate agents Riverhomes, said: "The owner designed it himself to look as much like a ship as possible, as opposed to a normal houseboat.

"It looks like a boat but it doesn't have any engines so you can't take it for a jolly up and down the Thames.

"It's the size that really sells it.

"You have got 2,405 sq ft, direct on the river, and it feels a lot bigger than that.

"When you compare it with the apartments there, you just wouldn't get this value.

"There's also another 1,200 sq ft in outside space – you just wouldn't get that unless you had a penthouse, which you would pay an awful lot for.

"It has stunning views and a changing landscape. The lower deck looks across the river towards Putney Bridge and the top deck has 360-degree views."

"You get a lot bigger accommodation and uninterrupted river views."

And despite leaving their slice of the river behind, the current owners sing the praises of their floating home.

They said: "It's delightful being part of the friendly Moorings community and the wider Riverside Quarter 'village', as well as being able to enjoy a swimming pool with the best view in London."

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