Man asks the internet what to do with sick day and is shown no mercy

Man asks the internet what he should do with his sick day and the commenters show him absolutely no mercy

  • Reddit user ClarksonYouP*****k innocently asked what to do with his sick day
  • The man was instantly mocked for his taste in interior design 
  • ‘Mow your carpet’ were among the suggestions as well as ‘hire a decorator’
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The mirror took the most online abuse when the Reddit user asked for advice

A man who was pulling a sickie from work was savaged by angry Reddit users after asking how to spend his day off.

The man posted an image of him from what appears to be his sofa, under a blanket and infront of the TV.

He captioned it: ‘Sick day today. What should I do?’

Instantly, user ClarksonYouP*****k was being mocked by others, likely from their offices.

Huengonaminson1 mocked the man for his mirror.

They wrote: ‘Jump through that portal on your wall and see if takes you to a universe where you have a modicum of taste?’

Reddit users immediately began criticising a man for his living room decor when he asked them what he should do on his sick day

The mirror was likened to a ‘vortex’ and a ‘portal’ but the man insisted he did not choose the decor

The mirror seemed to be particularly offensive for people who took to Reddit to give the man ‘advice’

Another quickly suggested ‘bin that mirror’.

ObnoxiousChap sarcastically said he should: ‘Post pictures of your grey prison cell on the internet.’

The rest of the room was also harshly judged.

Umblegar asked: ‘Did all the colours go out the wall vortex?’

Ammobandanna said the entire living room seemed ‘like it was styled by someone with no colour vision.’

The carpet also took some flak.

Gingerbond suggested the man should ‘mow your carpet.’

And others backed him up.

Chuckles1188 wrote: ‘Mow the carpet, it’s getting a bit out of hand’

Thermo_Dai_Namics said he should ‘hire a decorator.’

Hair removal cream for reducing the size of the carpet was also suggested by the Reddit users

Other sick day suggestions were not as helpful for the man who innocently asked Reddit users from his living room what he could get up to for the day 

The man tried to defend the room choices – explaining he had not been responsible for decorating.

He replied: ‘Well, I don’t pay any bills so I don’t decorate the rooms.’ 

However, there was no sign of his tormentors letting up. 

Other suggestions were just as useful, including Arabidopsis’ post which said the man should’remove fluff from belly’.


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