Manafort might never get out of jail: Watergate prosecutor

Paul Manafort might “never, ever see the outside of a jail cell,” says a former Watergate prosecutor – and the prospect could make him testify against his onetime employer, President Trump.

Nick Akerman, an assistant special prosecutor in the case against former President Richard Nixon, pointed to the lengthy sentence handed to a Watergate burglar – and the fact that Manafort is age 69.

“What broke the Watergate case was when James McCord got a 25-year sentence,” Akerman told MSNBC Friday, as Manafort was hit with new obstruction charges and a Virginia judge revoked the former Trump campaign manager’s $10 million bail.

“That’s what made [McCord] crack and cooperate,” Akerman said.

“And here it could be even worse… Paul Manafort, if he does not cooperate, may never, ever see the outside of a jail cell.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller has hit Manafort with charges including money laundering and making false statements in connection with his lobbying work for a crooked Ukrainian politician starting in 2006.

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