Maryland Rep. Andy Harris prevented from entering US House chamber with gun

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A Maryland congressman was reportedly prevented from entering the US House chamber on Thursday when his firearm set off the newly installed metal detectors.

Republican Rep. Andy Harris was stopped after House security “saw a firearm on [his] person” and he never made it onto the floor while armed, a Capitol official told The Baltimore Sun.

Before leaving, Harris tried to pass the gun to New York Rep. John Katko, who refused to hold it since he is not licensed to do so, according to a Huffington Post reporter who witnessed the incident.

Harris returned to the House chamber security checkpoint about 10 minutes later, making it through without setting off the magnetometer, HuffPost reported.

In a statement to the Sun, Capitol Police said they are looking into the matter.

House members are allowed to carry firearms on Capitol grounds, but are barred from entering the floor while armed, according to the reports.

Metal detectors were installed at select entrances to the House chamber to beef up security in wake of the Capitol riot.

Several Republican lawmakers flagrantly flouted the new safety measures. In response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a new rule fining members who do not follow the new safety protocols.

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