Meghan Markle's ex-husband's family say accusations in Finding Freedom that he didn't support her are 'rubbish'

MEGHAN Markle's ex-husband's family say the accusations made in explosive book Finding Freedom are "rubbish".

Meghan's first husband, Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson, 43, is mentioned in the book, with Meghan, 39, reportedly asking her friends why "Trevor didn't always act as if he supported her acting career".

The same friend said the dynamic between the two changed once Meghan landed a role as paralegal Rachel on TV show Suits.

"Suddenly the dynamic was changing, and he didn't like that," the friend said.

Trevor reportedly wanted Meghan to to rely on him as the "breadwinner", and wondered if he "didn't want to share the spotlight".

Engleson's uncle Mickey-Miles Felton, who lives in Arizona, said the description of Trevor in the book is "not even close to who he is".

"Trevor is too good a person to have these kind of thoughts. That is not even close to who he is," Mr Felton told the Daily Mail.

"He has made successes out of a lot of people who have worked for him. So, I think the word you use in England for this claim would be 'rubbish'. We would say 'trash'."

Mr Felton said the reasons for the marriage break up given in the book where done to protect Meghan's reputation as she was someone "who did something wrong and needs to make themselves look good".

"He is not the kind of person who would be jealous of somebody else's success. He has made successes out of a lot of people who have worked for him.

"To me it's an absurd notion. Whether that makes me naive or not, I don't know. But in all the years I've talked to him, I've never heard anything like that."

Mr Felton said Trevor would have tried to help his wife's career.

"Wouldn't you want to help people you are totally in love with? He was just happy for her success. Just thrilled," he said.

Trevor shared supportive messages on Facebook while he was still in a relationship with Meghan.

He shared a story about Meghan landing the role as Rachel in Suits, and posted when the show was due to screen in June 2011.

Trevor called Meghan his "bad-ass fiancée", and a month later he posted: "Suits tonight on USA… my girl rocks!"

When the second season of the show was confirmed, he shared an update saying: "So proud of my girl! Season two for suits! Too cool!"

He continued to post messages of support after the couple got married in 2011.

They split in 2013 – with Trevor reportedly feeling Meghan's decision to end the relationship as coming "totally out of the blue".

A friend said Trevor felt like he was "a piece of something stuck to the bottom of her shoe" when he found out she was now with Prince Harry.

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