Meghan Markle’s team ‘combing’ podcast episodes to ‘avoid trouble’ with royals

Meghan Markle’s team is busy checking through her future podcast episodes to avoid any potential disputes with the Royal Family, a commentator has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex is currently in the UK with her husband Prince Harry, with the couple reportedly set to stay for the Queen’s funeral, which is due to take place on Monday (September 19).

In the meantime, the Sussexes have appeared alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton in a walkabout, resulting in speculation that the couple’s rift with the royals may be healing.

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And, after Meghan announced that today’s episode (September 13) of her podcast series would be shelved during the national period of mourning, royal commentator Neil Sean has suggested the former actress may now be hoping to appease the royals.

“There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes on the remaining podcasts,” he told viewers of his YouTube channel.

“We know there’s been four in the can already that are ready to go. But according to a very good source, they’re going through them all with a very fine tooth comb to make sure there’s nothing derogatory, hurtful or indeed that could cause yet another explosive time-bomb.

“You could look at this two ways really; is Meghan changing her tune to now try and re-fit back into the family that she left behind? Or indeed is she having second thoughts because she doesn’t want to create any more trouble?”

Meghan has so far released three episodes of her podcast, and even took the opportunity to share some secrets about her former life as a royal.

For instance, in one episode, Meghan claimed that her son Archie had been involved in a frightening incident while on a royal tour of South Africa.

At the time, Meghan appeared to suggest that she had been forced by the royal institution to attend an event against her will, but Neil claimed that allegations such as this one may no longer be part of future episodes.

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He continued: “So it’s interesting to note that somebody somewhere, and somehow, along the line is now re-evaluating exactly what she’s decided to talk about.

“Whichever way you look at it right now, Meghan seemingly is trying her very best to make sure that her narrative is one that suits the British Royal Family.”

This comes as commentators have speculated that Meghan and Harry might fly their children Archie and Lilibet over from the US for the Queen’s funeral.

Daily Star has contacted representatives of the Duchess of Sussex for comment.


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